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Lazy Guy Makes Makes Money Online

Jan 24, 2008
See how average Joe's are making more money than you and I. I work my hands to the bone 6 days a week as an automotive mechanic. I feel that I am one of the better mechanics. So why am I doing this labor intensive, hand cutting, head bonking, constantly covered in grease, not to mention keeping up with all the computer technology advancements on todays automobiles. In fact, construction workers, loggers, welders or any other skilled trades job. When in this position, you feel you are making good money when you start, but the reality is, in one of these professions, and many more, you will never ever reach the income potential of online marketing.

Anyways I'm sure that you have all heard about internet marketing success and failure. Well they dont have to all be that way. If you cannot make your money back within 2 or 3 sales, stay away, if you need to bring everyone you know to your house for a party to sell sex toys or make-up, stay away. What I'm going to tell you is true and I do believe anyone can make money online. Especially those who want to. Don't fall for the get rich quick, they only profit the 2% at the top. What you need to look for is how fast will you make your money back, and what kind of product. 100% of the sale would be nice.

This is what I think, one company claims to be able to teach us, average Joes how to make a fortune on the internet. Well they all seem to be claiming that, dont they. In my investigating, -by this I mean, trying to make more money being lazy- I came across the headline I captured you with. Lazy guy makes $1500 a day.

Little did I know what innocently following this ad, -you know curiosity killed the cat- would bring. Not by becoming rich or anything like that, but by finding someone online that wants to help.

The owners, run the phone-in help lines 5 days a week.
How incredible is that, these multi-millionaire, online marketing guru's want to help little old me. So I had to dig deeper into this, where I discovered, -in my FREE sign up to the members site- they have everything from free advertising, blogging, network marketing, eZines, pay per click, banners, etc... All of this lined up for members, with countless hours of live training.

So I joined, and here I am telling you my story. So keep an open mind and remember, your auto mechanic can do it. And thats the truth of my experience.
About the Author
Rick is a father of two and loves spending time golfing.
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