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The Convenience Of Cashless Vending Machines

Jan 24, 2008
Not everyone is carrying around dollar bills or coins when they approach a vending machine. Instead of having to do without though there are newer models offering another method of payment. They don't take cash but they take credit cards, smart cards, various types of prepaid cards that money can be reloaded to.

These types of cashless vending machines are very convenience for consumers. They don't have to worry about their dollar bill being crisp enough. Many people just don't carry cash anymore and they rely on the cards in their wallet to pay for things. It helps them to keep better track of their income and expenses.

It can be very frustrating to approach a vending machine for a purchase but it won't accept your dollar bill. Carrying around change is often inconvenient as it is heavy and also noisy. Owners of vending machines love not having to exchange the dollars and coins at the bank.

Many report the levels of criminal activity around their vending machines have dropped significantly. They are no longer dealing with hundreds of dollars in damages due to someone breaking into the vending machine to take the money. Instead all of the earnings are routed to a bank card for the owner or to an account at the bank they have set up.

If you are looking into buying new vending machines, you should consider cashless models. If you already own vending machines you can modify them for about $100 each. This is a very affordable investment when you consider all that a cashless vending machine offers. In many ways it can increase your profits and cut down the time you spend on the business as well.

Cashless vending machines electronically record all of the transactions for the vending machine. The amount of information that they provide to the owner is unbelievable. You will have information about all the transactions that take place, the times and dates, and what was purchased.

If you aren't sure when products are running out in your vending machines you will now know. You may only be filling it up once a week, and when you arrive a particular product is sold out. With the data your cashless vending machine provides you may discover that item is gone the day after you put it in. That means you need to stock more often or have more slots in the machine for that item. Making such changes will increase your sales.

Everyone is able to benefit from cashless vending machines. They offer customers a very convenient way to buy the items they want. This process is safe and secure so they don't have to worry if they don't carry cash. The owners of such vending machines will have fewer problems with the vending machines being broken into. They can also use the data collected to operate their business more effectively.
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Robert Farnham built a profitable vending business after starting totally the wrong way. He now writes about building a vending business and the pitfalls to avoid. Visit his website at My Vending Uncle for more.
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