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Effective Team Building Events

Jan 24, 2008
You may host four team building events a year or it may only be one but what you want to ensure is that each and every event is effective and that the session is seen to be worth while.

So how do you do this? How can you be sure that the activity you choose is going to be the right one for your group and that it is actually going to be well received by your team? It all boils down to research, find out what your team needs, what they enjoy doing and what team building events are on offer and then make an informed decision.

It is true to say that you can't please all the people all of the time, there are going to be those in your group that always find something that they would like to highlight as not being quite right but it's also true to say that a good event will include, motivate and build all of your team and by choosing the right event for both your business needs and for rewarding your team, you should be able to make it extremely difficult for anyone to find fault.

So what should the driving forces be behind choosing your team building events? Deciding what your objectives are is an excellent place to start, for example is the focus on communication, working with people that you wouldn't normally work with or is it change management? Once you have a clear idea of what it actually is that you want to illustrate, then you are well on your way to finding the right event for your team.

While it is important to think about everyone within your team, it's equally important to not get hung up on individuals likes and dislikes. Keep the bigger picture in mind, not the personalities and remember that a good events company will be able to include and motivate everyone.

One of the mistakes that some organisers make is pandering to personal likes and dislikes and while this is quite alright to do if the session is just to be a good day out, it's not ideal if you are eliciting any skills. Many team building events are specifically designed to stretch your delegates, they take them completely out of their comfort zone and in a safe and supportive environment your teams are encouraged to try something different. It's at these events that individuals achieved a heightened sense of self and team achievement and the results are absolutely superb!

Once you have decided on your objectives then our advice to you will be to call an experienced team building company, give them your objectives and ask them what they would recommend for your particular group. You will normally be pleasantly surprised at the wide range of team building events that can be effectively hosted to meet your specific objectives. By working closely with the events company, you will be able to choose an event that targets your objectives and stretches your team all under the disguise of a fun team event!
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Shaun Parker has arranged numerous team building events and shares his experiences to make life easier for you.
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