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Can You Make What You're Worth When You Work at Home?

Jan 24, 2008
Many people dream of making the big bucks working from home. Sadly, many will fall for scams in their eagerness to earn money at home. And of those who find a way to work from home, many will find that the money is not always that good.

Fortunately, others do find real ways to work from home and earn a decent living. Many even support their entire families doing this.

How you do this depends on what it is you want to do from home. You don't want to pick something just because you heard or read that someone else is making big bucks doing it. You need to pick something that is right for you.

This is the most basic mistake I see people make. They aren't worried about what they would enjoy working on, or what they understand well enough to run a business relevant to it. They see the dollars that someone else is earning and want a piece of it. Too often this is the path to failure.

It's a mistake I've made myself. Not too seriously, mind you. But I followed my sister into medical transcription. It's a good job if you enjoy that kind of work, but for me it was tedious. I could do it, and earn adequate money, but I didn't start earning serious money until I started my own websites. This is something I enjoy tremendously.

Similarly, my sister tried to start her own website after seeing my success. Know what? She's never gotten anywhere with it because it's not the kind of work she enjoys. But she has gone from being a medical transcriptionist to having a much more highly paid career in a related industry.

Think about what it is you enjoy doing as you consider your options. A work at home job is what many people want, because the risks inherent in a home business make the idea unpleasant to them. And there are legitimate work at home jobs out there, make no mistake about that.

For others their dream home business is out there. It may be joining someone else's opportunity, doing affiliate marketing or striking completely out on their own, but it's the right kind of home business for them to get started on.

You shouldn't be surprised when it takes time to really earn what you're worth, however. Solid work at home jobs take time to land, and many of them offer more work to the employees who have been around for longer. It often requires persistence and the willingness to work for more than one company if required.

Similarly, home businesses take time to take off. It may be months or it may be years, but it doesn't happen that quickly as a general rule. Assuming that your business will immediately give you your dream income with little effort is a form of self delusion.

Finding your way to the income you need to earn from home is rarely smooth, and you may have to try more than one opportunity to find the one that is a fit for you. But if you never try, how would you ever get anywhere?
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