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Offering Unique and Quality Content Each and Every Month

Jan 24, 2008
Your membership site is only as good as its content. It is fresh and unique content that draws people to your site. Adding unique content to your site each and every month is a simple and effective way to keep people coming back in addition to attracting new visitors. You want people to come back to your site over and over. You want them to refer others to your site through your affiliate network. Updating your site each month with new pertinent content is one of the best ways to do this.

Of course if your content is of low quality, no one will want to pay you for it. You can't just post a few things you threw together. Make sure that the content you post is useful to your members. This can include things as simple as tips or hints as well as articles and reviews you have written. They don't have to be complicated things either. The kinds of tips or hints will depend on your niche, but not everyone is a professional and we were all "newbies" at one time or another. You have to learn the basics somewhere.

Exactly what types of things you can write about will vary widely depending on the subject of your site. Of course there are some things that can apply to just about any site, like marketing ideas and time management. You can write about mistakes you have made along the way, or about something you tried that really paid off.

Another good way to add unique content is to quote from other blogs or news articles relevant to your topic. Don't simply post a link to another blog and say, "Here is some great info." Post the link but give it a sub-header and comment about it in your own words. Write a short synopsis of the article or blog and include your thoughts and how you felt about it. Give a short example of how to make use of the information in the article.

If you do not like to write, you can always hire a ghostwriter to brainstorm with you and develop your content. Yes, you will have to spend some of your profits on this service, but it will be worth it. Outsourcing the content to a professional will free up your time and allow you to work on other aspects of the business.

Making sure to provide good, quality content that is relevant to your target audience will keep your subscribers happy. You may find that you have better retention rates, as your customers will stay customers. If you offer an affiliate program, your happy customers will also be more likely to participate in it and refer others to you, thus increasing your profits even more.
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