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Conduct a Survey to Find Out What Your Members Want

Jan 24, 2008
As you know, the success of your membership site is dependent on having members joining the site and staying long term customers. By conducting surveys, you will be able to find out what your members want out of your site, and therefore, keep them happy customers.

If you haven't started your site yet, you can put up a tickler page to grow some buzz about your site. Include a sign up box to start growing your mailing list. You can preload an autoresponder to send out a message to each new member of your mailing list, asking them to complete a short survey to find out what content they would like to find on your site.

To encourage people to respond, you may want to consider offering a small gift such as a short report or an audio file of an interview. Again, you can program an autoresponder to deliver an email with the download link of the gift, or you can use a program such as easyinternetsurvey to not only track and manage your surveys, but also deliver a thank-you email with the download link to these gifts.

You can use these same methods, of course, once your site is up and running and you have a membership base. It is a good idea to periodically survey your members to be sure they are getting what they need and want. Your paying members may be more apt to fill out these surveys without the lure of an extra gift, as they know they are paying for the content they are answering questions about. If you find that you are not getting much response from your surveys, then feel free to bring out a small bribe.

Even with these survey results in hand, it is still a good idea to keep an eye on your website statistics. Look for which pages are most viewed and which are least viewed. This will let you know what pages of your site your members are going back to most often, as well as the ones they are not using at all. Just because your members say they want information on a certain topic, your website stats may reveal that it isn't such a popular topic after all.

As you can see, conducting surveys every few months is a great way to stay in touch with your customers and their needs. As a membership site owner, your mission is to keep them happy, paying customers. Knowing what your members want and need will be one of your most helpful tools in keeping your retention rates high.
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