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Entrepreneurship: 100% Hard Work

Jan 24, 2008
Your success depends 100% on your hard work. It does not depend on other people's hard work. You are the one who holds the control for success and failure. Many people are trapped with negative thoughts which consist of 3 stages of self-sabotage.

The first one is BLAME.
Blame is an attitude of blaming the situation or other people. This attitude does not build a positive attitude in one self. It is similar to running away from reality, that I am the one who should be blamed or praised for my failure or success.

The second one is EXCUSE.
Excuse is an attitude of finding excuses to justify why one fails. George W Carver said that 99% of failures are the results of people who have a habit of finding excuses.

The third one is DENIAL.
Denial is an attitude of resisting change and reality that this is the condition that must be accepted.

To be successful, you must first change your attitude. There is not a single negative attitude that can improve any situation. Only positive attitudes that can enable you to accept the worse situation and change it to become better.

There was an old man that walked in the darkness of the night. He stopped below the street light and started looking for something. Then, a young man came and asked the old man, 'What are you doing?' The old man answered, 'I am looking for my lost key.'

The young man helped the old man to look for the key. After searching for 2 hours, finally the young man asked the old man, 'We have been looking everywhere around here and have not found the key yet. Are you sure you lost your key around here?' The old man answered, 'No, I lost my key in my house, but since my house does not have any electricity or lightings, so I look for it here where it is brighter.'

This funny story reminds us not to find excuses or the key of success out there, because everything is actually started from inside our own self and only we ourselves can change our own situation.

My personal friend, Adam Khoo, an expert in NLP (Neuro Linguistics Programming), shared a simple theory which is very important, which is:

E (Event) + R (Response) = O (Outcome)

This simple formula explains why failure or success, rich or poor is actually the result of how we respond in our lives. If you do not like the result that you are getting now, there are 2 choices that you can take:

Option 1
Blame the bad economic condition, the bad system, flood, and many other things that you can justify as excuses for failure.

Option 2
This is the attitude that belongs to a true champion. Because it makes much more sense to change your Response rather than blame the Event. If you do not like with the results that you are getting, change your Response!

Failure or success, rich or poor, is the result of how we respond in our lives.
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