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Reverse Cash Flow Of Online Marketers & The Wannabes

Jan 24, 2008
In the past I have found that consistency pays off. In life, showing up to school everyday or work, thats consistency. This pays off in the simple fact that, if your there, then maybe you will accomplish something. Now online marketing or MLM is simply the same thing. If you treat it as a job that you dont care about, and sometimes show up and sometimes dont. Well i'm sure you know where I'm going with this.

You need to be consistent with home business' to succeed. If you look at the stats, your going to find that many people need to see an ad about 7 times before they click on it. with that being said, putting an ad out once a week on three sites is going to get you no where. I cannot stand it when people tell me they have tried everything and cannot make any money. Here is why, I make money, and I give you the exact day plan that I do. So if you do what I do, dont you think you should make money? Top earners dont reveal their secrets very often, but sometimes, if you find the right one, he is willing to teach.

Reverse cash flow causes these wannabes to fail. Top earners get there with know how, and money. While the little guy on the bottom has negative cash flow and eventually fails. Now, after being in this industry for a while, I now see that lazy people will fail if given a chance. I also found that Top Earners in EDC Gold and EDC Diamond and Reverse Funnel System have one thing in common. Traffic generating secrets to get their websites traffic when they started.

If you want to know these secrets, I will gladly help you out. In fact all wannabes better be calling me, or they will always have reverse cash flow when it comes to online marketing, affiliate marketing, mlm etc. You may think this is a joke or whatever, but the reality is that you cannot and will not make money online without help from the right people. Or your like me and just know what you are doing. Oh wait, I learned from someone else. Find a teacher, go learn how right now, and make money online tomorrow.
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Rick Lim enjoys playing lots of golf, and helping others succeed offline and online.
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