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Making A Residual Income Online

Jan 24, 2008
Do you understand the idea of "residual income?" Today, many people are used to being paid through a linear form of income, where direct compensation is rewarded once for the time spent on the job or for your performance overall.

When we get paid by the hour, or receive a salary, that's linear income. On the other hand, residual income is when you receive small payments for a long time after the initial effort is expended. Royalties received by creative professionals are one example of how residual income works.

Residual income is the additional money that you continue to get month after month and year after year. It is not expected for you to perform any form upkeep or any other service to continue to receive the payments. It will not make you rich, unless of course you have spent time building a rather large network of opportunities that pay residual income.

There are several ways to work in the direction of creating online residual income. Some people have placed in print resourceful pieces of work using an online publisher, where with every sale they receive a percentage of the sales price.

Others create informational products, like ebooks, set up a marketing method for them, and wait for people to buy their product. Since the book's already been written, and the sales method created, the money generated by sales is residual income, free of any need to keep working on that project.

Membership programs are another way of creating residual income. There are a variety of different forms of membership programs. One is where you urge others to try or use the program that they pay a monthly fee for, you receive a commission off of the fee that they pay which is residual income. Some membership programs are where you have a people that work in a particular field join in order to have their services listed. These members then make purchases of products you have listed in the membership area, which gives you another form of residual income. This will not make you rich, however it will afford you some extra spending cash.

In addition, some providers of Internet marketing services, like web space and useful tools, ask people to help distribute those services. If you sell to a customer, and that customer stays on, there's a good chance of getting a residual income from this. In fact, any sales situation where you receive a commission on top of other payment earns you some residual income.

These are just a few of the available residual income opportunities online. There are lots of others out there, waiting to be discovered. Just search for information on residual income blogs and sites, and you'll find lots of ways to earn a extra money through the Internet.
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