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How To Select The Sponsor That Meets Your Needs.

Jan 24, 2008
Choosing a sponsor is one of the most important ingredients for success in a home business or network marketing opportunity. I would say begin with your experience, your desires or the outcomes you are seeking, what kind of support you need, and the effort you are willing to put in.

After countless internet hours of looking for the right sponsor, I found many questions one should ask. Here are a few of the more common questions to ask prospective sponsors:

1) Is there a written plan that I should follow the first 30-60 days?

2) Can you guarantee that I will see the figures mentioned on your website?

3) Will I get a website that is made for me? With my picture, email address and phone number?

4) Are there conference calls with that I can bring my prospects to for both the business opportunity and the retail membership product?

5) Are you available provide three way calls with my prospects while I am still learning to help me bring prospects into the business?

6) Is there real, tangible sales training available?

7) If I am on a limited budget - how exactly would I be able to succeed in this business?

My short answers to these questions - Remember, these are the SHORT answers. Some of these questions can have entire articles devoted solely to them.

1) I find that generic 30-60 day plans are far too impersonal for my taste. Person A might not wish to follow the same structure as Person B. So I feel it is better to guide the individual based on their needs.

2) If you are willing to commit your time and efforts you can achieve anything you put your mind to. But there are no guarantees in business.

3) Yes. I will even show you how to produce and edit your own webpage and recommend software to use.

4) Yes. Yes there is. Global Resorts Network has regular conference calls relating to a variety of topics.

5) Yes. In the event that I am personally not available. My sponsor is more than willing to help you close sales. That's the kind of team we are.

6) Yes there is. Besides the training we personally provide, we have many recommendations and we are constantly experimenting to find results.

7) Obviously with a limited budget you advertising options are limited. However, there are a number of great free advertising sources that produce results. As always, perseverance is key.

With the right sponsor you will be spending time with the person. They treat you as a person, not a sale. If they are not talking to you about your needs and desires, or willing to get to know you and what is important in your life, and I would, personally keep searching. As a sponsor in Global Resorts Network, I invest my time to help my network partners be successful, and I have found it is much more comfortable when I get to know them... After all, the people you sponsor don't work FOR you. They work WITH you.

I hope this helps your search for a sponsor.

I feel this is the most important piece of information contained in this article. Any program comparisons extend beyond just the product. There is no question that one has to exert their own effort to succeed. A great sponsor, great support, and the right philosophy can assist one in being successful but unless they are willing to work to achieve their goals, even the greatest sponsor on the planet will not help them succeed.

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Selecting a Global Resorts Network sponsor can be a critical decision. Here is some information that will hopefully help you avoid becoming involved in a scam .
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