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Write Product Reviews For Easy Blog Profits

Jan 24, 2008
Monetizing your blog using product reviews is an excellent way to earn a nice side income. If you have a loyal subscriber base or a steady stream of traffic then this is an absolute no brainer!

Finding the right product to fit your blogs target audience is pretty simple depending on your niche. You can search google using the following terms to find good products with affiliate programs. Type in "target niche keyword affiliate program" replacing target niche keyword with your niche. I can almost guarantee you will find something that suits your targets needs.

Before you choose your product or service to review you should use the following rules when picking it out:

Do your due diligence on the product or service.

In other words, make sure it's a quality product or service. If you can afford it, buy it before you write the review. It's easier to write compelling product reviews if you've tried and benefited from it already.

Make sure the affiliate program pays.

It's sad that this is even needed but some merchants do not pay outs their affiliates their commissions. Some merchants will even shave your sales or reverse commissions on you. It's best to look around google or webmaster forums to see if they have a bad reputation.

Always make sure it's relevant to your target audience.

This rule is a given to most but not everyone follows this. You wouldn't want to spend time writing a review for a product that won't sell to your audience would you?

After you've picked out your product you should write your review. Writing the review should come pretty easy if you've picked out a good product. You need to have some passion and be positive while writing it. Make sure it is well written and unique. Outline all the benefits that the product provides.

It also helps if you use bold tags when you write the products name out. Also, use your items name in the title. This scores you points with the search engines. Read up on Search Engine Optimization for more details on that.

Try not to flood your blog with product reviews. Limit them to 2-3 a month. Trust me, if you do everything right it'll be plenty enough to make a solid income. In order to score repeat traffic you need to provide useful content that benefits the end user. Keep that in mind for long term success!
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