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Aug 17, 2007
When it comes to making money online there seems to be 2 categories of people.

1. The Haves
2. The Have Nots

That may be true in life in general, but it does bring up an interesting question that seems to be repeated over and over in discussion forums all over the internet...

How do I make more money with my online business?

One post was titled "Are You Making Enough Money"?

Here are a few responses.

"My wife says I am not making enough. She may be right."

"If earning 0 is enough then wooooooooo!"

"I'm making way more than enough money, infact, I have so much that.... Oh sorry, just dreaming there for a moment"

It was surprising to me that I was not able to find very many posts of people who felt they were making enough money in their internet business. Now that can certainly mean there are people not earning anything at all and are spending money they do not have to try and make something. These are people who have a little bit of a gambler in them. They are truely trying, but are not getting the results yet. I like this group because with a little bit of guidance they can succeed!

Then another group of people are people who sit around and spend most of their time complaining they are not making any money, but are not spending one penney on advertising to try and get traffic to their websites. These people are not only not gamblers, but they are worse than that. They are not actually even doing any of the free things like writing articles and posting in forums to promote their websites. These are the worst kind of internet marketers because they waste everyones time.

I just went back and looked at my websites that are making money. Here is what I learned.

1. All of my websites that I have at least a small pay-per-click advertising campaign going for are making money.

2. I need more websites if I want to make more money

So here is what I am going to tell you to do if you want to make more online. Get a PPC advertising campaign going for your website. Bid on as many keywords as you can. The more the merrier. Bid on hundreds of keywords. But don't bid more than the minimum. I keep my bids at around .05 cents per click. Add Google Adsense to your sites to create some cash flow. Track your conversion rate. Monitor your expenses versus your income on a daily basis. Once you have one site making money build another one and repeat the process over and over until you are making the amount of money you want every month.

One big benefit of using this strategy is it will keep you busy actually doing something as opposed to sitting around complaining about how you are not making any money. And as you do start to make some money you will feel a real rush of excitement to make even more.
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