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Why Savvy Internet Marketers Develop Their Own Electronic Newsletter

Jan 24, 2008
Having one's own electronic newsletter (ezine) is a fantastic way to build customer loyalty and sell more products, all while becoming a guru in one's own field. Though anyone can string together a few articles and call it a newsletter, savvy Internet marketers know that when done correctly, a newsletter can quickly explode one's business and fatten one's wallet. In this article we will discuss how a good ezine can keep customers interested in you and your business.

1. A Good Ezine Keeps Customers Informed: Make sure your ezine is informative. Keep your customers in the know concerning their area of interest. Whether they purchased something from you in the past or simply joined your mailing list, you have some idea of what your customers are interested in. So simply help them keep abreast, or better yet, on the cutting edge, of what's occurring in their industry.

2. A Good Ezine Provides Value: A good ezine will provide your customers with value. It will in some way enrich their day. Exactly how it will provide value will depend on your specific niche. If you have a comical website, send them a funny email or link to a funny video clip.

If you are targeting an Internet marketing niche, keep them updated on what is happening in the Internet marketing world. To determine if you are offering value, consider whether or not your customers would pay for this information (with time or money). If not, don't send it. The last thing you want to do is bore your customers. If you do, they will be hitting the delete button as soon as they see your email in their inbox.

3. A Good Ezine Provides Customers With Great Deals: You will quickly skyrocket the value of your ezine if you provide your customers with deals that they cannot get anywhere else. Whenever you can, make sure to reward your customers for their loyalty by providing them with discounts on items that you know they will love. Their previous purchases should give you a good idea as to what types of products they will like. Or offer something unique to your niche.

You will find that if your ezine provides your customers with value, keeps them informed, and offers them deals that they can't get anywhere else, you will exponentially increase customer loyalty and see your subscribers willing to buy from you again and again. So start writing your ezine today and see your profits soar.
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