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Tactics To Easily Convert Your Visitors Into Customers

Jan 24, 2008
The secret of being successful at Internet marketing is to find out how to make visitors to your website feel the desire to make a purchase from you. If you cannot create a burning desire for your offering, the visitor will probably click away from your site and never come back. We will reveal here the key tactics that will make your prospects want your offer enough that they will not hesitate to purchase. What follows are some proven strategies for creating the prospect's "want" for what you are offering to your visitors:

You must give an explanation of how your product provides a solution to a problem that your customer now has. This is the best way to be successful with your offer. All of us have problems. So the product your prospect is reading about must provide a solution to some specific undesirable dilemma that is out there affecting others.

Get the attention of your audience by detailing how your product will be the solution to the troublesome problem they have had to deal with. You need to describe all of the many benefits they will obtain by using the product you are offering. It is so important to spell out clearly all of the product benefits so as to activate your potential customer's interest. Your chance to make the sale comes only after a person is totally interested in what you have.

So job one is to make your website visitors feel a craving for whatever you have to offer. You must paint an image in their mind about how their life will be much better once they have purchased your product. Again, the best method is to describe the full benefits using your offering will bring about. Your prospects are looking for product benefits, not features. Certainly, product features are important, however, it is the benefits that are produced by those features that make people buy. So remember why it is so important to emphasize benefits.

The next tactic is to provide a super offer that visitors will not want to miss. Unfortunately, this is where a lot of websites come up short. The site is successful in creating interest in the product offering, but the failure is in offering substandard value to make the offer worthwhile.

This is so critical that your offering provides huge quantities of value to your prospects. The offer must be heavily swayed in their favor. So if you are selling a product for $20 you must be giving people $100 worth of value. This will increase the enticement to buy by ten times. Absolutely nobody wants to miss out on the deal of the decade.

If you offer more value than your customers expect, you can watch sales skyrocket. You might wonder how you can add so much value to your offering plus still turn a profit. It's very easy. Offer top quality information eBooks as bonuses. Information that is very targeted has an extremely high perception of value.

For example, create an ebook that is somehow related to what you are selling and tell folks it is worth $47.00. Suddenly, you have just added perceived value of $47.00 to your offering at no additional cost out of your pocket. The great thing is that the bonuses only have to be created once and you can then use them repeatedly. This extra value, or over delivering, acts as a powerful motivator in getting your prospect to buy your product.

The tactics above are extremely important if you want your website visitors to feel compelled to purchase your product. By implementing them right now you will see your profits begin to climb through the roof.
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