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Stuck In Traffic On The Information Super Highway

Jan 24, 2008
Have you become stuck in traffic on the information super highway? Anyone who has driven a vehicle has been stuck in traffic at least once and knows just how frustrating it is to be unable to get to where you want to be.

Anyone who decides to work on the internet can also get stuck in traffic on the information super highway. It is called information overload and it can strike at anytime when you are an internet marketer.

Online marketers are searching for digital gold, money resulting from product and tool sales online. Far too often rather than finding digital gold they find the deep black hole of information overload. Let's face it, you do need information on setting up and running an internet business if you want to acquire your share of digital gold. However it is so easy to become overwhelmed with too much information that you literally feel like you are stuck in a traffic jam and will never get to the point of getting that business up and running.

I got stuck in traffic on the information super highway within a month of starting to work online. Following the guide of the program I was in , at the time, I found traffic exchanges. This is where I began to see so many offers of free and inexpensive programs and digital information that guaranteed I would find digital gold if I just got that piece offered to me. Since I felt I really needed more information to ensure that I found digital gold I jumped right into the trap.

It did not take very long before I discovered I was stuck in traffic. I began to spend less and less time on the original program and more and more time filling in information for products and reports and then downloading them. Finally I got to the point that I was spending entire days just downloading and printing.

Eventually I was doing no work at all on any of the programs I had acquired. The pile of information had grown into a mountain and the number of programs I had were plugging up my hard drive. At this point I thought that my computer and printer were so overloaded they just might blow up on me. Rather than finding my digital gold I quickly found myself in debt with all of the purchases I had made. And let's not forget all of the money I had spent on paper and ink.

I was stuck in traffic, immobilized, going now where fast. I was not working on any of the programs, nor reading any of the information because I was just so busy getting everything I could get my hands on. Every product and piece of information I gathered just kept pointing to another piece I needed to complete the puzzle, and asked for further money, again guaranteeing it would lead me to digital gold.

Finally I had enough, I was frustrated, discouraged and in debt, I had been stuck in traffic on the information super highway for a month. I was so discouraged that I nearly quite. I was tired of all of the hype, all of the empty promises and all of the incomplete information. I was still ignorant about internet marketing even with all the information I had.

I needed to step away from my computer, clear my head, and come up with a plan of action if I wanted to continue working online. I decided not to turn my computer on for a week and to review all of the information I had accumulated. Much to my surprise I had lots of information on any given subject, e.g.: traffic.., that was virtually identical just written differently and by a different person and they never gave me all of the information that I felt I needed. I had just wasted a lot of time and money to get stuck in traffic.

I needed to devise a new route if I was going to find my digital gold on the internet. I decided I must carefully scrutinize any opportunities that were presented to me, ask pertinent questions about programs and say no thank you to programs and information until I eventually found a program that gave me a real product and complete information that I could use to guide me to my digital gold.

Do not get stuck in the traffic when you go in search of your digital gold. You need to stop and do research, take your time, ask your questions and be skeptical. The complete information and program that will lead you to your digital gold is out there and you will know it when you spot it if you take your time and undertake due diligence.
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