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How To Use Ebooks To Create More Products

Jan 24, 2008
Ebooks are the most widely sold information products on the internet. Most internet marketers sell ebooks. It is a great way to start your internet marketing business. Once you get the basics of internet marketing by selling ebooks, you can actually use those same ebooks to create several other products.

As I said, ebooks are a great way to start online marketing. The trick is to find quality sets of ebooks that you can resell or rebrand. Ebooks that have resell rights, you can sell but can't change. Ebooks that are sold as PLR or Private Label Rights ebooks can usually be used in any manner that you wish.

The first and most obvious way to market ebooks is to sell them individually. That is usually the way most internet marketers start. Of course, your ebooks must have come with Resell Rights to do that.

The next step would be to combine a number of ebooks from the same niche into sets. You can sell the sets out right or you can use the sets as an upsell when you sell a single book in the same or a related niche. For example, if you sold an ebook about cooking chicken, you could create a set of ebooks showing how to cook, beef, pork and fish to compliment the chicken ebook.

If you have ebooks with PLR authority, you can do a lot more to create extra products. You can create a new master ebook by combining two or more ebooks on the same subject. The resulting product would be a new ebook that would be your unique product.

Another way to use ebook PLR content is to break an ebook into small segments and use them as articles. You can use the articles for your internet marketing efforts or you can sell the articles as an article pack for that niche.

Another way to use a PLR ebook to create another product is to read aloud an ebook into a digital recorder. The resulting audio recording would be a new audio product that again would be your unique product. You can sell the audio by itself as a product or you could use it as an upsell to the ebook you recorded.

There are many other iterations and combinations of these strategies that you can use to create multiple products. You could go for quite a long time with one good set of ebooks creating all kinds of unique products. You could sell a new product you created from the ebooks every week or everyday, if you can create them fast enough.

All of these product ideas are in addition to the regular ebook business you started. You can continue to sell ebooks, since you can automate that process quite easily, while you utilize the ebooks to create more products that you can get more revenue from.

The process depends upon being able to find a good quality collection of ebooks with Resale Rights and Private Label Rights right from the start. Make sure you obtain your ebooks from a reputable seller who stands behind his business.

Ebooks are a great way to start your online career. Not only can you take advantage of the products as they are and start making a living on the direct sales they generate, you can also start to create more products utilizing those same ebooks to broaden your portfolio. You can never have enough good products to sell. The more you can sell the faster you will reach your online goals.
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