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Pay Per Click - Make Money While You Sleep

Jan 24, 2008
Want to make money while you sleep? I bet you do! Then you have to advertise your website and get it in front of targeted visitors. Millions of people all around the world at ALL times of the day come to the internet and use search engines to search for information, products and services. You can have access to a constant stream of visitors 24 hours a day.

Pay per click (PPC) is a type of advertising method that allows your website to be displayed at the top of the search engine results. Pay per click website promotion is very popular because it can quickly bring targeted traffic to your website. You will pay a pre-determined amount (bid price) every time your ad is clicked by a prospect. You have total control of the amount of clicks you are willing to pay for so you can adhere to your advertising budget. Some website owners exclusively promote their website using PPC and make a very good profit.

Pay per click advertising is by far the fastest and shortest route to getting traffic to your website. If your website theme is gardening, you can bid for the keyword "gardening" and your website will show up at the very top! You will be listed before any of the free listings.

You should be getting excited now! You do have other free options such as article marketing of getting your website to the top of the search engines and you should be employing those methods also. While those methods are free, they also take more time. PPC search advertising gets you results instantly and the best part is that you are only paying for results!

The main idea here is that if, for example, you have to spend $1 for a click that produces a $50 sale, that is not bad at all. You are spending LESS money to make MORE money. Determine the maximum daily amount that you are willing to spend so you can grow your business in a manageable pace and stick to your advertising budget. Otherwise, you will be spending MORE money to make LESS money and that is completely backwards!

You are probably saying, "Sign me up now!" Hold on a minute though, now the downside. Unfortunately, you can also lose money by using PPC advertising. While it is easy to get started with pay per click advertising, you must learn techniques to maximize your profits. If you can master these techniques, you will be on your way to a very profitable future. The key to success with pay per click is bidding on profitable keywords and writing effective ads. Use a keyword search tool to help you with keyword research.

Google Adwords is probably the best PPC advertising opportunity available on the internet. However, there are other good pay per click search engines that are great when you are on a small budget. It is possible to pay as little as one cent for a click with some of them so include some of them in your pay per click advertising campaign and experiment to see which ones gives you the best results.
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