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Even eBay Is Getting Into Social Networking

Jan 24, 2008
As the largest marketplace in the world, I'm sure that you have had some experience on eBay as a buyer or seller. If you have sold or are currently selling items on eBay, you know that just like any other site on the net, your success depends on how much traffic you get to your auctions or your store. EBay has a relatively new tool that you can utilize to help create more traffic. It is the same tool used by most marketers who are utilizing social networking to drive traffic.

Social networking is a phenomenon that has reached popularity of unmatched proportions in user traffic. Sites like MySpace and Facebook are examples of social networking sites. These are sites where the users create all of the content. The users also create networks of that content and in so doing create large like minded groups.

The granddaddy of social networking is blogging. What started out as an online diary has become mainstream tools for disseminating any kind of information you could possibly imagine. Blogs have also become a major marketing tool for internet marketers. Why am I telling you about social networking and blogs since what you are interested in is driving traffic to your eBay auctions? The reason is, you can now start your own eBay blog.

For the same reasons blogs have become good marketing tools outside of eBay, a blog inside of eBay can be a useful marketing tool. Blogs add exposure of your products and you as the seller to the ebay buying public. If someone is searching the ebay blogs about the product niche they are interested in, if they find a good blog post on your eBay blog, they are likely to visit your auctions or your store. It is one more way to get traffic to your actions.

There is even a greater benefit than just eBay traffic. The blogs on eBay, just like blogs off eBay are indexed by the search engines very quickly. If you tag your eBay blogs with the proper keywords, your blog post could end up in Google search results.

EBay blogs are very versatile in terms of the content you can post. There is support for audio and there is support for video. You can literally sell in person by inserting a video in your blog. You don't want to make your blog a blatant sales page, but you can gently suggest they check out your auctions.

Your eBay blog entries should be, again like off eBay blogs, informational, useful and interesting to the visitor. If your blog reads like an advertisement, your visitor will click away and won't come back. If the reader finds useful information about the products or niche that they are interested in, they will stay and read and most likely visit your auction from there.

EBay has an incredible volume of traffic. To be successful as an eBay seller, you want to have as many views of your auctions and store items as possible. The more visits, the more bids, and the higher your selling price will be. EBay blogs are a relatively new tool that you as an eBay seller can take advantage of to enhance your selling efforts. Not only will it help to bring eBay traffic to your auctions, it could also bring non eBay traffic to your auctions.
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