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Give Away Ebooks To Build Your Internet Marketing Business

Jan 24, 2008
As I have stated many times, the ebook business is a great way to start a career in internet marketing. They are readily available, they require no inventory, they can be delivered electronically and the whole process can be put on autopilot. I'm often asked, what is a good way to grow my ebook business? One of my favorite ways is to give ebooks away.

Now, you may look at me like I'm crazy because you know you are in business to sell ebooks, not give them away, but I assure you in the end you will sell more ebooks by giving them away. There are a number of different ways to give ebooks away. Each way has it's specific goal, that you will see, enhances your ability to sell ebooks.

One of the most common ways ebooks are given away are bonuses as part of a sales package. Almost any sales page you see for ebooks, or any other information product for that matter, includes a number of bonus ebooks. In this instance you are giving away ebooks as part of a total value deal. The more ebooks you give away as your bonus, the greater the value of your offer and the more likely you are to make a sale.

Another common instance where you give an ebook away is to build your list. When a visitor lands on your sign up page, you need to give them a reason to provide you with their name and email. Giving them a free ebook is great way to "bribe" them into giving you that information. As your list grows, so does your ability to sell them ebooks.

As your list grows, you want to build a relationship with your subscribers. Offering your valued subscribers a free ebook now and then, will make them feel appreciated and will enhance your relationship with them. The better your relationship with your list, the easier it is to sell to them.

You don't necessarily need to give a whole ebook away to generate sales. You may want to give away the first couple of chapters of an ebook you are selling. If the chapters are good, and spark an interest in your subscribers, they will want to learn more, they will purchase the whole book.

Another effective way of enhancing sales by giving away an ebook is to use the giveaway in conjunction with a One Time Offer or OTO for short. You offer a free ebook. When your prospect goes to the download page to get their free ebook, you can send them to an OTO page.

Your OTO offer is usually a spectacular collection of ebooks you have packaged together that you are selling for such a value price, they can't help but buy the offer. Since it is a One Time Offer, never to be repeated again, they have the incentive to buy right away. In this case, you gave an ebook away to generate an immediate sale.

As you can see, giving away ebooks is a great method of enhancing your sales system. Utilizing the strategies outlined here, you can significantly increase your sales utilizing free ebooks. This is just one more reason that ebooks are a great way to make money online.
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