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Learning The Basics of Telecommuting

Jan 24, 2008
Are you tired of the corporate rat race? Or maybe, you are already tired of commuting everyday and trying to fulfill the demands on your time imposed by supervisors, managers and a number of colleagues. Ten years ago, the concept of telecommuting may have been considered as a novel and improbable one. Yet, because of the boom of the internet and its integration with telephone and other technologies, telecommuting is a very viable option for individuals nowadays.

Before packing up youre the things on your desk and resigning from work. You need to establish your goals and understand the requirements in telecommuting. Without adequate planning and establishing a viable strategy, engaging in telecommuting prematurely will only compromise your income and instead of getting out of the rat race, you will just change lanes and still be engaged in a rat race.

You need to ensure that you have the technical requirements for telecommuting. You should have an excellent phone line, together with a great DSL connection. Since cable operators are now offering great packages and promos for connecting to the internet, you need to explore what is the best package for you given your level of income and your needs.

When the telecommuting was still in its infancy, it was given only to the trusted employees of the company that are either preparing for retirement or have chosen to limit the number of hours that they are rendering to the organization. Because of the strides in the technologies in the Internet, it is now readily offered to those individuals who have chosen this option for themselves. This Telecommuting is a very interesting prospect actually because you get to control your own time as opposed to becoming subject to the strict time requirements of companies.

In telecommuting, you should also take inventory of the skills that you possess and the different talents that you have. Sticking to only one field may not be enough. Rather, you should list down every competency, skills, and talents that you have. Having a number of these up your sleeve will help you have more options for the jobs that you will have. When you have done the inventory of your skills, you should then explore your options.

You should make use of the different tools available in the internet. There are a number of websites that are offering different freelance and telecommuting jobs. There is a risk, however, that some of these jobs are bogus and will only take advantage of your skills without paying for them. Hence, a website such as craigslist help you look for and verify that the companies you deal with are legitimate.

There are a number of reasons why you may have chosen to telecommute. You may be the happy parent of a toddler or a growing child, or you may have been burned out by the extreme demands of your previous employer, or you may simply want to direct your time at your own pace and you resent the clock controlling your life. Telecommuting helps you deal with all of these at your own pace at your own choice.
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