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Management Training - Now You Can Motivate

Jan 24, 2008
The problem with managers is that nine times out of ten they are dominant characters. In many ways this is great. In fact it is the characteristic that makes them successful. It is nevertheless a difficult problem to face if you think that management training is required. However if your management staff are open to improving their management techniques then management training can be an extremely powerful activity. In this case management training can revolutionise the success of your entire business.

Management training can be the answer to a failing business and can provide the boost to your successful business. Management is the most important part of a growing business as it can make sure your team work together - vitally important when you are expanding.

Management training can incorporate the whole range of types of management that could need improvement. So if you want to improve communication, time management, organisation or motivation or any type of your business then training your management staff could be very useful. Training providers often deliver a service that can be catered precisely to the needs of your business. They will visit your company and provide analysis of the management structure that is in place and offer you training suitable to your needs.

The analysis process might include a survey that needs to be filled in by a variety of members of your staff. This will include members from all levels of your organisation and will help the provider localise the problems that your business face. The training provider will analyse this data and recommend areas of weakness that could be improved. They will then go about implementing this change through the training they offer.

Management training can provide techniques that will improve motivation in the workplace. Typically these training sessions will start by introducing the management staff to management theory on motivation. This will include people like Abraham Maslow who created a hierarchy of needs. This detailed the needs that people have and the level of importance these represent. He went on to conclude that if each need was fulfilled the motivation levels of the individual would be high.

Maslow said that the primary human needs were physiological. This refers to needs such as air, water, food , shelter, warmth, sex and sleep. Once these needs are met the individual will seek to satisfy their need of safety; protection, security and stability. The next need is to belong and be needed. After this the individual needs to achieve esteem needs such as responsibility and achievement.

Finally the individual will aim for self-actualisation which refers to fulfilment of personal goals. By understanding these theories it is easier to understand the motivations of your employees and as a result work to achieve them. If you can improve motivation in your workforce then you can ultimately improve the success of your business.

Management training can also offer techniques of management for disciplinary procedures. It is vitally important that your company manages its disciplinary procedures correctly as there are an increasing number of court procedures taking place between companies and people that they have sacked improperly.

Disciplinary training will teach your management staff the laws. A knowledge of the laws and the different types of terminology that is used could save you many problems that you may face in the future when you try and discipline someone. The training will also teach you management how to communicate discipline issues to an insubordinate worker.
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Shaun Parker knows the value of well trained management. he strongly advices that you make the most of management training.
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