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Jan 24, 2008
SEO is Sweet Shop Hell

When people advertise free traffic we get suspicious - they want to sell us something if they are giving something away for free! If I told you however that if you learn marketing SEO, you can get better traffic than you will by paying a company to manage your adwords campaign - would you believe me?

If you learn marketing SEO you can get lots of free traffic. Its true. I didn't believe it myself until it proved itself to me after I used the techniques that people taught me. So learn marketing SEO and prosper, it's your ticket to profitable niche marketing. You can learn marketing seo easily when you get the basic concept by using keyword tools and blogs.

But here's a little story to help you to get the concept.

Do you remember when your mom took you to the Sweet Shop (or Candy Shop)and she said you can only have one.

There you were, jars of lollies all around; chocolate bars and licorice sticks, butterscotch and toffees, jellybabies and jellybeans and extra hot peppermints. The riot of colour , the rich smell of aniseed and this firm voice in your ear saying - only one. So much to choose from and you can only choose one!

It was hell trying to decide wasn't it?

I hate to tell you this because I have such a soft heart, but it's for your own good you know. Keywords are like a sweetshop. For each page that you place in Google's index, you should really only have one main keyphrase.

The other bad news is that there are bullies on every corner who just love to take candy from babies.

Look if you're selling books online put your mind to work on selling one at a time because anyone searching for a book knows that typing in "book" on its own will bring up the Amazon or another such "Authority" site with thousands of books to sell. Sorry to remind you but you just can't compete with that.

Your page optimized for the word book will be the 1,589,758,156,477 result served to the customer.(I made that up). It would take several lifetimes for a searcher to click through to your page. Can you wait that long?

But don't throw the "book" out of the window yet! Google does want to know that what you are selling is a book, they just have a queue of other people who also sell books to serve first.

One step at a time, each step perfect - this is the way to learn marketing SEO . When you are browsing in Sweet Shop Hell remember that your mother knows what is good for you! You will pick a keyphrase including your main topic, and perhaps one, two or three other ingredients, something like Rocky Road with its mix of marshmallow, chocolate and peanut.

You will research a niche market that likes marshmallows and create a blog around white and pink. You will research a niche market that likes chocolate, dark or milk, coarse or smooth. You will research a niche market that likes peanuts, raw in the shell or roasted, with the red skins intact or skinned and salted. You can then capture a niche market for chocolate covered peanuts and chocolate covered marshmallows. You can also start a niche about hot chocolate drinks with marshmallows in them.

By the time you have these sites built you will now have over a hundred links to connected pages that are all about marshmallows, peanuts and chocolate. Are you beginning to be considered an expert on Rocky Road? Can you use this authority to extend your reach into the rich and profitable topic of chocolate, building new information sites about chocolate creams, toffees with chocolate in the middle, pralines, truffles and fruit and nut. Can you lead from your hot chocolate site into the profitable topic of coffee and extend your peanut site to sites on macadamia and cashew nuts. Will you become an expert on chocolate or nuts as well?

Never start your niche marketing with a high competition topic but that doesn't mean that you shouldn't ever be aiming for those markets. Your mother had the right idea, each week you may only have one. We didn't realize at that age that by the end of the year we have had 52. Or that by the time we are no longer a child, or in our case a novice, we will own the Sweet Shop.

Learn marketing SEO - One step at a time and each step perfect.
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