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A Free And Easy New Way To Get Better Website Roi

Jan 24, 2008
Better website ROI (return on investment) is a goal that anyone who runs a website is interested in. Webmasters are always searching for new ways to generate money from whatever traffic they are able to get to their sites. Until recently, all website income was generated from some action that website visitors had to take once they landed on the site, whether that be purchasing something from the site (or eventually purchasing something from a follow-up email campaign), or clicking on some type of pay per click (PPC) ad such as a banner ad or Google Adsense ad. As we all know, just because someone visits your website, it doesn't mean they are going to generate money for you. Until now, that is!

Better website ROI is guaranteed through a new form of internet advertising being called PPP or pay per play. As with Google Adsense and other pay per click ads a webmaster might place on his or her site, with PPP ads, the webmaster receives a percentage of the amount paid by the advertiser for the advertising with the rest going to the pay per click sponsor (which would be Google in the case of Adsense). The difference is, with PPP advertising, the webmaster gets paid whenever someone visits a page that is set up with the PPP scripting - the visitor doesn't have to do anything other than simply visit the page. Another difference is that PPP ads do not lead the visitor away from the webmaster's site immediately as is the case when a website visitor clicks on a pay per click ad.

PPP ads assure webmasters of better website ROI from the direct payments alone, and because they do not redirect visitors away from the webmaster's site, visitors tend to stay longer and have more opportunity to buy from the webmaster's site. PPP ads are short (about 5 second) audio ads that play automatically when a visitor lands on a page that is set up with the PPP java scripting. Because of this, all traffic to the site means money to the webmaster, and PPP based ad payments are comparable with what webmasters currently earn on a PPC basis.

A multi-tiered affiliate program is also available for a limited time for webmasters who get involved with PPP ads. On the first level, the webmaster is paid 25% on whatever advertisers pay for ads on the webmaster's own sites. On the scond level, the webmaster is paid 5% on all ad revenues for ads placed on the sites of other webmasters he or she refers to the program. On the third level, 5% is paid on ads placed on the sites of the referrals from the second level webmasters. So, not only does PPP result in better website ROI directly on the webmaster's own sites, but he or she can make considerable residual income on the advertising placed on other webmasters' sites.

Nothing else currently available provides the opportunity for better website ROI that PPP does.
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