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Jan 25, 2008
I go to this 99 cent store in my area every week for good deals on all types of products (and even some food items) and I kept running into this guy who looked to be in his late 50's that was selling pizza coupon books.

I finally asked him if it was his full time business, and he told me he was in Real Estate (like every body and their neighbor right), but that the market was dead right now.

I also asked him if he was making a residual income from it, and he immediately asked me why I was asking him, and asked me if I was in *network marketing*, and Amway.

I told him no, however I was thinking, even if I was in Amway, it would be ten times better than selling pizza coupon books in front of a 99 cent store!

To make a long story short, I told him; "I'm a business developer" (which I am), and moved on, because he was in a defensive mode, and I didn't want to waste time pursuing the matter.


One night while I just happen to stop in to the 99 cent store to pick up a few items, I saw the pizza coupon salesman again "doing his thing" selling coupon books to 99 cent store customers coming, and going from the store.

When I checked out, and walked out of the store. I walked up to the pizza coupon salesman, and mentioned to him that I has written this article about him, and that I had posted it online.

He looked at me, and his eyes got really big. I guess that meant he was glad I made him famous, (or infamous) either way, he got my point, and since then I never saw him again.


The point of my story is this; if this guy is so willing to sell ten dollar pizza coupon books in front of a retail store all day long with no incentive to build a residual income from his sales efforts, and no equity into his own business, then what are you willing to do to get ahead?

If the pizza coupon man thought about what he said to me, he would have realized that; he "IS" in the *network marketing* business, because that is exactly what he was doing for the pizza store he was selling coupon books for, , i.e. networking, and marketing.

Heck the pizza store is getting this professional who was in the Real Estate Industry to sell pizza coupon books for them with very little "out of pocket" expense!!

RECAP: In return they gave the pizza coupon sales guy:

1. very little commission with no benefits
2. no residual income incentives
3. no potential to build equity in his own business

Did he think about that before he started selling the pizza coupon books? If he did, I'm sure he would realize how crummy a deal he's in.

Well, maybe the pizza store owner is giving him free pizza for as long as he keeps selling for him by "word of mouth advertising", i.e. *network marketing*.
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