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The Scam Of Duplicating Websites

Jan 25, 2008
Today, you hear all the time about how simple it is to start your own online business. In fact, this is many people's dream. To accomplish this, they turn to the Internet. Whether you want to do affiliate marketing, start your own independent business, or join a multilevel marketing organization, the key to your success is to drive traffic to your site, which in turn will convert to sales. There are many ways to help you do this. One product that claims to do so is what is called a "self-replicating web site." However, these are not tools for success. Rather, they are more trouble than they're worth, and you have no control over them.

If you go into business for yourself, then it's likely that at least one of the things that attract you to this is that you have complete control over what you do. However, self-replicating web sites take this away from you. In fact, if you are given one of these sites within an organization, your site is identical to every other member's site. In fact, the only difference between your site and the site "next door" is that your e-mail address and affiliate number is different from the other guy's. People erroneously buy these self-replicating web sites because they think that it will help them build an Internet identification so that they'll increase their own sales. However, in fact, they kill this very necessary Internet identity. This is why.

A few years ago, replicating web sites did everything they said they were going to do. It was a very easy way to get your business, your name, or your service a high ranking in the search engines so that when someone did a search with your keywords, yours would be one of the first sites to come up. However, the search engines caught onto this and thought that this was an unfair advantage to have. So they set out to even the playing field.

Therefore, the search engines started to penalize sites that submitted content that was a precise match to that of another site that had been previously indexed in a given search engine. And in fact, search engines are still thinking of ways to continue to rid the Internet of replicated web sites. This means that if you have one, you're not only losing page rank, but probably a lot of traffic as well. This means that a lot of potential sales are gone before they ever get to you.

Now that you have a better understanding of why the search engines don't want your self replicating site, let's explore why you shouldn't waste your money or time with one. First, a self replicating site can not be managed by you. There is no way for you to improve or test the site. You have no way to alter the site or ad any other types of advertising to them. Unfortunately there is also no way for you to track you page. Instead of setting up a plan for success you have plotted a path of failure committing what we like to term internet suicide.

There are better options out there for your business. Whatever you do you're going to need targeted effective search engine advertising. Don't do anything that could hinder that.
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