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Finding Informative Text Through An Article Marketing Network

Jan 25, 2008
There were two seemingly unrelated segments of the internet marketing world, web site owners who were looking for quality and informative articles related to their business and writers who could provide the product they needed. The trouble was, there were few tools in place to connect the two so owners continued to have their own people scribble information onto their sites while writers looked for customers to buy their product.

As more sites began to understand the importance of answering customers questions by offering written information they began to search for writers to churn out articles on a regular basis. The birth of the article marketing network industry owes its life to the lack of qualified writers on staff at many web site businesses. Companies began to rely on the writers' services to provide fresh new content on a regular basis and many people began pumping out articles to meet that need.

The article marketing network continues to grow bring the supplier and consumer of written articles together. There are complaints from each side of this endeavors however, that may never be overcome as the article buyers say the product is not worth what they are being charged and writers claiming they are turning out quality work and being paid peanuts. The most common complaint among writers is short deadlines and low pay while site owners remain convinced they need better quality articles to invite more people to their sites.

The owners of the article marketing network may see the problems from both sides and it is usually the quality writers that lose as many owners will simply buy articles cheaper, despite the lack of quality, believing it is no worse that what they getting at a higher price. From the business owner's point, it is a necessary evil having to post updated articles frequently and within a budget and price of the articles is a major concern.

From the writers' view, the owners can choose between quality and price, but they cannot have both. Despite an increase in the number of markets open for writer to sell their product, many choose not to focus on these types of articles, holding out for more money from site owners willing to pay for quality production.

It is not unusual in the article marketing network business for a one or two day turn around to be expected. Writers complain they do not have enough time to adequately research a topic and churn out the articles on time. Site owners say do they best you can and I'll complain about paying the writers for unsatisfactory work. Giving more time may or may not improve the quality of the work, but giving them something for a low price is better than having nothing to post on their pages.

The number of freelance writers working as ghostwriters has increased, but the number of sites using their services has also increased. The number of sites shutting down may make the number of sites requiring their services about even, but the work at article marketing network services continues to ongoing.
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