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Maintain Better Control With Affiliate Marketing Software

Jan 25, 2008
Affiliate marketing is being successfully used by many online businesses to increase their online exposure and gain wider acceptance and customers from many different parts of the world. It can also help with their placement on search engine results pages as every affiliate marketing link points to their pages, making them seem more attractive to more internet users.

One of the biggest advantages of affiliate marketing is the business does not pay for any advertising unless a visitor actually buys something from them. In traditional advertising, businesses pay for space or time whether it is effective or not and there is usually no way to track where they business is coming from. By using their own affiliate marketing network software they can track the performance of the affiliates as well as the sales, determining the usefulness of ads as well as their affiliated companies.

By using affiliate marketing a business can create a large, diverse network with many different advertising. For companies seeking strictly visits to their site they do not have to be choosey about what sites link back to them through affiliate advertising. However, many businesses choose to not allow certain sites to become part of their affiliate network. Some sites such as those featuring adult oriented content or gambling may not be welcome to many sites.

Additionally, using affiliate marketing network software, businesses can choose to only become affiliated with other sites that are similar to their own business, increasing their chances of being noticed by search engines. Typically, every link back to a site is seen by the search engines as a vote of confidence to that business, provided it is coming from a similar or related business.

For example, a hotel or motel chain will be better served with link from other travel-related businesses as opposed to sites that are strictly retail in nature. They may also refuse to accept affiliation with companies with whom they directly compete. By the company operating their own affiliate program they main total control over the affiliates and the web graphics available for their use.

When a customer enter the business's website through an affiliated site, the software tracks the location from which the visitor arrived and the commission from any sale can be calculated automatically and credited to the affiliate's account. The software can also track the type of link the customer entered and the type of creative that attracts the most attention will be maintained. Graphics that do not seem to be working can be removed and changed.

While there are several companies that host affiliate programs, including tracking the visits, the creative used as well as coordinating payments to the affiliates, many businesses choose to run their own program, eliminating another step in the cost of operating the program. Not only do they pay the affiliate the agreed upon percentage of the transaction, they will also have to pay a percentage to the hosting company. By using their own affiliate software for tracking sales, they can improve their profit on the sale.
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