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Jan 25, 2008
How you sound is more important than what you say! As strange as this may seem to you at first, we believe that the power to persuade at any given moment is based more on how you sound, when you are talking, than what words you are actually saying.

Ever had a guy walk into a room and immediately command respect?

When it comes to attraction, voice and body language are key. Women have the ability to tell instantly how confident a man is by his voice tone. A woman will usually decide weather or not to have a conversation with you based on your voice tone and body language which in effect reflects your self confidence.

So what is it about voice tone that women find appealing and others find intimidating? Why is it that some men talk with low resonating voices while others squeak?


Some people will argue that it is just the vocals that produce the sound, while others believe that a great voice is produced by pushing air hard out of your lungs. In effect to them the harder you push air out of your lungs, the better your voice sounds.

This couldn't be further from the truth.

To produce sound several organs are involved. Your lungs and your diaphragm push air which meets the vocal chords, and they all together start a series of vibrations.

These vibrations expand through your lungs and mouth cavity. The key word here is resonance. They way you move your mouth, the way you expand your throat and more important, how deeply you breath, is what makes the resonance sound high or low.

With the same air speed, you can resonate high, or you can resonate low.

You might want to try an experiment. Say "yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh" long enough. Now try bringing your voice down from the higher pitch to the lowest tone you can. Keep your air speed steady. You will be able to notice that your voice will resonate in three different places as you go from high up the frequency scale to deep down low. First you will resonate at the nose, then you will resonate at your throat, and last and more important you will resonate down at your chest. There is where the bass lies.

By doing some vocal training, you may learn to move your resonant point further down your body. That is a good thing. People will pay attention to you more often because of that.

There was a test once, and it was found that people that have a deep bass voice, people that know how to make plenty of pauses, and people that take their time when they speak, are way more attractive than all the rest.

Notice also that what you do here, is that you control a whole series of organs to bring out an end result: Keep the point of you resonance down to your chest and away from your head.

This is done, by trying to breathe deeply from your diaphragm and not shallow from your upper lungs.

You see, all babies and animals breath using the diaphragm. As we stress and move on in life, we make the error and start breathing shallower. There is a misunderstanding in western society. For some bizarre reason, the image of a fit man is one with a strong chest. So, many people when asked to take a deep breath, they start by expanding the upper part of the lungs. My friend, if you want to have a big chest, go to the gym. Breathing high, will not only make you less calm, but will also make you seem more defensive.

Normally, a high pitched voice reminds us of being less calm. Did you ever hear a child whine and complain about something? Would anybody be inclined to follow a suggestion that sounded like that? Of course not. Remember the first time you spoke in public, or the last time you were defending your self about something. Your voice was a pitch higher than normal.

If you want to stay calm: keep your breathing deep and your voice as bass as it can go. This will stop any unwanted positive stress feedback phenomena.

In order to be de-programmed of this bad way of breathing, you will need up to several months. But it can be done. There are some exercises that do exactly that. You should not to overdo with them and should perform them only after you have talked to a doctor or a voice expert.

Strengthen your diaphragm awareness exercises.

1) Inhale from your diaphragm. Push your stomach up like a balloon. Count silently 1-2-3-4 while inhaling. Count 4-3-2-1 silently while exhaling. This should not be done more than 6 times per day.

2) Inhale from the diaphragm deeply. Exhale slowly. So slowly that, if there was a candle in front of you, you wouldn't blow it.

3) Keep a strong body language so that you feel better. A strong body language communicates male power and dominance.


1) Inhale deeply again. Exhale slowly while resonating from you chest. You should feel the resonance down to your belly. Avoid the nose or the throat. Your exhale should be stable with no tone changes and with no added effort.

2) Perform the same, but this time start visualizing that the resonance point looks like an elevator going up and down, as it travels from your nose to your chest.

3) Perform the same, but this time say all the different vocals in the alphabet, until all of them sound with the same tone. You may spot some that are less bass than others. Work on them.

Speech rhythm

4) Get something to read and read it out loud, while trying to maintain a reading speed of about 160 words per minute.

5) Give feelings and emotions to your words. Hit at least two tones. A monotone is *not* a very interesting voice, to listen to.

The key here is to practice, practice, practice.
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Sean Oling is editor of authoritysitecentre. You can read more post and articles on self confidence, and even how to kiss a woman for the first time on the website.
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