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Preparing For The Changes In Sales Volume Over The Winter

Jan 26, 2008
The winter time can affect your vending machine sales. For some they will increase and for others there will be a decrease. There are many factors that can play into this. Some locations tend to see less foot traffic due to the colder season. This may be something you are willing to accept due to the amount of money that vending machine brings in overall.

Vending machine businesses change in sales for many reasons over the winter. It can be a change in the amount of foot traffic, the holidays, the temperatures, and the activities that take place in a given location at that time. Since most people are out in force doing their shopping for Christmas you may end up with more sales that normal during the winter months.

There are some holidays that fall in the winter that are going to drop your sales though. Think about all the candy and chocolate that people end up with for Halloween. Chances are they aren't going to rush to your vending machine on their afternoon break to get a chocolate bar. Many people decide to make a New Years resolution to lose weight as well so your vending machines are off limits.

Pay attention to what people are likely to end up buying during a specific time of the year. If the summer months are very hot in your area then you will need to stock plenty of juice and water in them. In the winter time though sales of these types of products generally wane. You may find you need to stock more soda in order to keep up with the demands of customers.

If you can anticipate such changes will be taking place for your vending machine, you will be successful. Pay close attention to the changing patterns of sales you aren't just scratching your head and wondering what happened. Some locations just aren't going to provide you with very good sales in the winter. This due to the facility being a seasonal location. For example a park isn't going to see too many people when it is two degrees out and the snow is blowing.

You can help keep your sales as high as possible in the winter by paying attention to buying patterns. You may need to adjust what you sale during specific times. You may need to increase how often you stock them as well if you expect a higher volume of sales in the winter.

It is important to be prepared for such changes. You have to continue to be able to please your customers regardless of what time of the year it is. They way they will continue to approach your vending machine without thinking twice about it.

If you fall into the category of sales dropping in the winter, you need to carefully evaluate the situation. You may get enough surges in sales during the summer months to more than compensate for the drops you experience this time of the year. If that isn't the case though you really need to consider finding more profitable vending machine locations.
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