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Why I Love Chain Food Restaurants

Jan 26, 2008
I started thinking about how you really do know what you are getting with a chain restaurant location the other day. I was out of town to relax and shop for the afternoon when I had a different experience. I was just walking around when hunger struck so I stopped in at a small restaurant that was located in the shopping district. I ordered one of my usuals from a chain restaurant back home.

I love to eat chili burgers, and there is one chain restaurant in my area that does them better than anyone else. They make homemade green chili with all the spices to smother them with. I ordered a chili burger off the menu at this particular diner though and it wasn't at all what I was hoping for. The chili was from a can and while it tasted decent it was nothing to get excited about.

I guess knowing what you are going to get when you place an order is why chain restaurants are so popular. You won't have the same disappointment that I experienced on this trip. It doesn't matter if you go to the same location all the time or one in another state - you are going to get the same thing at both places. There is a great deal of comfort for people associated with this.

People often have to travel to other locations where they may not be familiar with the restaurants in the area. It can be for personal fun or for business related needs that you are away from home. Eating is just something you will have to do at a restaurant when you are traveling. It can be difficult to know where to go to enjoy a quality meal. Many people will gravitate towards chain locations that they are familiar with the name of.

Most chain restaurants are well aware of this fact. They capitalize on it by offering logos that people easily recognize. A child may not know how to spell McDonald's but I guarantee you that even a two year old knows what those golden arches mean when they see them. People associate the quality experiences they have had at such locations and they are willing to repeat them again and again.

This is why so many people interested in starting a restaurant take the chain route. They know the key to success is getting people to walk in the door. If they are part of a restaurant chain that has already established itself as offering quality foods, excellent service, and a terrific overall dining experience they don't have to start from scratch to establish these elements.

There aren't always good times associated with chain restaurants though. Negative publicity can follow locations all over the place. There are very few people that didn't see the video online of the rats in a Taco Bell in New York. The media was all over the story about a finger being found in the chili at Wendy's. As a result people had a hard time going to these types of chain restaurants for a while.

In theory, you always know what you will get with a chain restaurant. This can be a safe bet and you can get your favorite items. However, you also miss out on the experience of trying new restaurants. You may soon discover some of them are much better than the chain restaurants you have been visiting for years.
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