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Directory Techniques For Link Building

Jan 26, 2008
One of the most time and cost effective methods of Search Engine Optimization is though the use of directory submissions. When online businesses want a way to effectively promote and gain exposure for their websites they turn to quality web directories. There are many other articles and blog posts all across the internet documenting the benefits of link popularity and the use of web directories. By submitting sites for review at quality web directories you can obtain relevant, quality inbound links to your website to help improve search engine results and traffic to your website.

What a quality directory does is human reviews of available websites to determine their quality and if the site meets directory standards list them in the most relevant category to the site content. When directory visitors are searching for sites based on content they will find relevant sites and be directed to them. This will result in direct traffic to your website. This results in increasing your sites reach and exposure to internet traffic.

Other benefits of quality directory submission include link building benefits.

When you increase the number of quality inbound links to your website through directory submissions, it opens more doorways to your website for traffic to find you. This traffic is more relevant which means higher conversion rates along with more visibility.

The increased link popularity you achieve with quality directory submissions will also help you gain better search engine positioning for relevant searches. Directories of quality are frequently crawled by all major search engines which will quickly find your link, follow it and index your site. By having a listing there your site will gain exposure to all the major search engines. Increasing the visibility of your site to search engines on quality directories will mean more frequent indexing of your site to pick up new content and improve search result rankings for those relevant terms.

If you use relevant keywords in your link text without spamming your link building efforts can be amplified as the keywords within the links will be seen as relevant to the content of your site and result in higher rankings for those relevant searches. That means the traffic that is directed towards your website will be targeted towards your sites content.

That means by submitting your website to quality web directories you can brand your websites products and services by using your brand in the anchor text of your links. Just like with targeting keywords, this targets and builds company and brand awareness to your clients and customers.

One thing you should be aware of when conducting a directory submission campaign is that there are many different types of web directories available on the internet. Most are of a lesser quality which will limit the results you achieve with them. If you focus on well maintained and promoted directories you will achieve much better and quicker results with less effort. We all know that in this day and age time is a valuable commodity. Just below you will find a link to another article that can further explain the different types of directories and how to tell quality.
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