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Could Online Savings Be True?

Jan 27, 2008
Does online shopping really enable us to experience genuine online savings or are we just duped by marketing ploys to lure us into buying? Shopping from online stores over traditional shops enable you to enjoy dramatic savings over brand goods because online merchants save on overhead expenses and such savings are passed on to shoppers in the form of lower or discounted prices.

Buyers though have to be wary and cautious when it comes to dealing with online merchants. It is always best to do business with only reputable or established online retailers for an 80% savings won't do much if the goods don't arrive at all. Also, with the many discount offerings being presented, customers need to be able to read between the lines. For example, there may be an offer of a "30% discount today only" which could change to probably 50% off by tomorrow. Who knows? A whopping 75% off may be offered but then a fine print comes with it that states for minimum order of $200. Others may offer a buy one get one deal but do you really need another one when all you probably need is just one? A buy two get one free deal may also come along but don't be lured in by the free. Watch out for clear out sales. Some of the goods may be returns, with damage or the prices may not be reduced that much.

Auction sites are great places at finding second hand goods at great deal prices but since many of the sellers here are private, be wary of online thieves and cheaters out to defraud good people of their money unless the seller comes with a high feedback rating.

There are many online retailers who actually do not carry any stock inventory at all and instead pass the orders on to the actual supplier who ultimately will make the shipment and delivery of the actual order to the buyer. The problem here enters the picture when the buyer files a complaint regarding the shipped item. It is hard to pin the blame on who and the complaint may well be passed on from seller to supplier so it is wise to always read beforehand company policies and terms of business with online merchants that you haven't dealt with in the past.

Recently the swap or trading system is getting popular. The system works where you can swap your surplus item for an item that another site member may have that you actually want. The difficulty here is you may not find what you are exactly looking for.

Savings is not at all considered savings when you spend money for something that you don't actually need even if you got it at 90% off. Just because it is cheap, don't purchase something that you don't need and would have no use for.
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