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How To Find Government Repossessed Car Auctions To Buy A Car

Jan 27, 2008
You probably know a thing or two about government repossessed car auctions and are interested to buy a car there at huge discount. Or you could be interested to resell them for profits. Whatever reason that may have sparked your interest, you do need to know how to locate these government repossessed car auctions.

Sad to say, it can be really disheartening to know that they are not that easy to find. Most auctions do not do much advertising. So unless you are working in the auto dealership line or know someone who is an auctioneer, there is hardly any chance a civilian like you and me will know when and where the government repossessed car auctions are taking place. In fact, so many of these cheap auto auctions are happening at any point of time and it could be taking place right now near you and you are still in the dark. But there are some tips to track down these.

Some people have resorted to conduct their detailed search. Reading the local and national newspapers for auction listings is one way. But you have to do that regularly. Classified ads are great places to find them. But there is a big problem when you find one advertised in the widely read newspapers. Too much news coverage means too much attention. That would mean you have more bidders in the auctions, and you would end up facing stiff competition.

Note that in many cases, government is not interested in paying for a big advertising campaign, since the vehicles are sold at 80-90% off their market value. Therefore, many government repossessed car auctions are held by small privately owned auction companies, hardly known to public. Ideally, you need to locate this type of an auction, because fewer people mean fewer bids and more chances to win an awesome bargain.

What you can do is to liaise with local or state government agencies and check out on the auto auction venues and dates. This can take some time, but the effort would be worth it when you drive home a near new sports convertible from one of these auctions.

Don't forget to check out financial institutions and banks as well - they are the main suppliers of repossessed vehicles, so they should be able to provide you with the desired information.

The above methods may be effective, they do take a lot of time and effort. And if you cannot spare that, another option would be your lifesaver. Today, information about government repossessed car auctions are readily available through paid listings online. Just pay a low affordable fee and you can access to the entire database of auction listings. And you also will know what vehicles are listed. You can search for as long as you wish and for unlimited number of times. Sounds good?

Search for your dream car at the nearest government repossessed car auctions now through the listed site below.
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