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Maintaining Focus And Drive In Your Home business

Jan 27, 2008
In the beginning of your home business the freshness of the experience makes everyday exciting and new. You are learning and putting new skills to work. All of this is what provides drive and focus for pursuing your home business goals. As your home business has been running for a longer period of time, it becomes the daily grind. It can often begin to feel monotonous. So how do you keep your main focus and drive throughout your home business?

It does not just appear or you don't suddenly awake one morning feeling brand spanking new. It takes work to keep your home business fresh, just like a relationship. After you have been married ten or more years you know each other in and out. You often get into a rut of the same routine. You have to add or change things to freshen or liven it up. Give yourself things throughout the week that help keep work life interesting.

Give yourself a wacky dress day. Tell yourself your going to wear your PJ's every Thursday, whether you are in the house for the day or meeting with clients. It will give you a laugh to check the mail in your pajamas, unless you already do so! Treat yourself once a week with a special work breakfast. Have a Danish and a flavored coffee. These may sound silly or unhelpful, but in fact even the smallest events to look forward to can keep you motivated.

If you consider larger home business firms, this is how they often help refresh their employees. They provide donuts and coffee or special event days, potlucks and so on. It is away to say we want you to feel appreciated and enjoy. You may be a solo home home business entrepreneur but you could still benefit from special treatment.

There is a call center located in Lexington, Kentucky who had service bells placed near each employee. If a call was successful the employee would ring the bell and the other employees would clap or cheer for the representative. Customers could often hear the cheering and become curious asking what the noise was. As representatives would tell the client it's a motivational tool and so on, the clients would often reply "what a fun place to work". Little things can keep you enjoying your home business.

If this seems too unprofessional for your own preference, you can keep it home business and review your home business plan. Rereading your original plans for your home business can bring a smile to your face to see how far you have come or what goals you may have forgotten about.

You can also create a power luncheon once a month, where you get together with other local entrepreneurs to speak about keeping your home business fresh. Feeding off each other's enthusiasm can make work life feel revived without the sleep attire or bell ringing. Brainstorm what you enjoy and you'll find that it takes only a few simple changes or additions to your day to freshen your home business for certain job longevity.
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