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The Characteristics Of The 'NEW Rich In America' Revealed

Jan 27, 2008
I recently read a fascinating research article on "The NEW Rich in America" otherwise known as "The Middle Class Millionaires."

Check this out...

The number of Americans with net worths upward from $1 million to $10 million has risen to 8.4 million, representing nearly 8% of US households and is growing at an incredible rate of 15% per year! Only one decade ago that number was only 1%, an 800% increase.

So are ya feeling all this new wealth in your life or what?

If not, you better read this closely because I'm gonna tell you something right now...

This information, right here, will take your Home Business enterprise to new heights and catapult your net worth. That's a promise.

Recent research uncovered 'four' unique, almost unanimous characteristics of "The NEW Rich in America."

Here they are:

1) "Hard Working." Duh. Many work 60 - 70 hour work weeks and place a high value on work ethic. They resent slackers and complainers. So do I. I despise them and you should too. They will rot you away like a tin can in a rain storm.

2) "Networked." Meaning they ALL belong to networking or mastermind groups. They are membership oriented. They seek association with those who already have the success they are seeking. This is one of the oldest strategies in existence.

So what networks, organizations, mastermind groups or memberships are you currently associated with? If you can't ring off at least one or two, its time to get in the game.

3) "Resilient." Many of them have at least a major failure or two in their lives. They bounce back real quickly and tend to rise above past failures. They are poised and respond well to adversity. They continue to move forward toward their objective, no matter what. No brainer in my eyes.

This one is my favorite...

4) "Put themselves in the flow of money." They've made they're business decisions based on income and wealth potential. They deliberately choose lucrative opportunities. Meaning, you can be hard working, belong to the right networks, and be resilient but if you decide to become a clerk at Walmart, guess what? Not getting rich.

And the final piece of the research revealed...

"The NEW Rich" feel that what 'does not advance them causes them harm.' Fascinating. I love that mindset.

They are real careful about the choices they make in regards to career, business, continuing education, and their personal and professional associations.

Best part of all, they have middle class values. They are not flashy. They lead family and work oriented lives focused on financial security and peace of mind.

So are you on track to become one of these NEW 'Middle Class Millionaires?'

The key for you in 2008 is to analyze exactly how many of the above four characteristics you currently own in your personal and professional life. Time to take ownership of ALL four.

Chances are your success, or lack of success thus far, lies right there.

Important to note: It's never too late to adopt any of the above 'four' characteristics to become one of "The NEW Rich In America" or wherever you may be.
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