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Top Six Things You Must Have When Running A Business From Home

Jan 28, 2008
Running a business from home is not as easy at it might sound at the onset, and many a would-be entrepreneur realizes that no sooner is she or he ready to get down to business, an important component is missing. To ensure that you will not caught unprepared when you are ready to become a home based business owner and operator, here are the top six things you must have when running a business from home.

1. You need a dedicated area where you will conduct your business. While this may sound like a common sense suggestion, you will be surprised to find out many entrepreneurs cannot immediately lay their hands on a phone number (the rolodex is in the other room), find their last business tax return (it might have gotten filed with the personal papers), are unable to locate back issues of the last newsletter they emailed to their subscribers (hard copies might have gotten picked up and recycled with the Sunday paper), or have to wait for junior to get off the computer (that three page research paper on bears is due tomorrow). All your supplies, materials, and other business related items need to be in and around that area; resist the temptation of mixing personal and business items, since this will lead to confusion as your business grows.

2. No matter what business you are running, you will need to have a working computer, attached printer, printer paper, and extra ink cartridges. There is nothing worth than trying to print out an invoice and be lacking either ink or paper. Similarly, no matter what home business you are engaged in, the odds are good that for research, client contact, and accounting purposes a computer with database capabilities is needed.

3. You will most likely need a phone. Even if your business is primarily conducted via the 'Net, the availability of a phone line that is separate from your home line will prevent from kids answering the business line and giving you an unprofessional image. If you really only very rarely use the phone, your cell phone will be fine.

4. Use a wall calendar. Sure, your computer has a calendar function, but if anything happens, and your computer is not working, how will you know what your deadlines are? How will you keep track of appointments and also payments that are due you?

5. You need backup copies of everything. Back up your work as you complete it. For those who create files on their home computers, upload them to a secure website where you can store them. If anything happens to your home computers, you will be able to access these files in a pinch from a library computer and with a web based email account send them to another account.

6. You need commitment and the willingness to enforce your rules. The commitment is needed to ensure that the pull of the TV or the chores is not stronger than the deadline that is looming large. Similarly, being willing to enforce your commitment and the rules you create might be a necessity for the friend or family member who sees you as a great babysitting alternative since you are at home anyways...not realizing or understanding that while you are at home, you are still working!
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