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Three Main Tips For A Quality MLM Lead

Jan 28, 2008
There are several advertising agencies on the Internet that are offering quality MLM leads. Though some will state that their leads are quality, here are three tips to assist you in choosing a true quality MLM lead.

No Manipulation

If there are no bribes, incentives or attachments to an MLM lead it is likely to be quality. If there is something you have to do other that purchase the lead, it's likely not worth it.

Never Oversold

Companies charge whatever they see fit and this leads to price gouging in lead offers. Check to see if the company offering the lead states that they are not oversold. Don't be afraid to compare prices.

No Bad Leads

Try to look for a no bad lead statement. If a company does not say that it promises no bad leads you may want to look elsewhere.

Lead Information

Keep these three statements in mind when looking for a quality lead. You will also want to look to see what the company's leads include. A quality lead will include the following information: name, address, e-mail, phone, home business desire, interest level, hours able to invest, amount of capital investment, best time to contact, time zone and date and time stamp. This allows you to know how serious your lead are and if it is worth pursuing.

Where To Start

When searching for a quality MLM lead you want a lead that provides a solid area for prospecting, recruiting and sponsoring needs. It is best to familiarize yourself with the product before pursuing an MLM lead. You will be more confident and better apt to receive a quality lead. If you don't have the budget to purchase leads you can always create your own. You can always begin with family, friends and acquaintances. As long as you fully understand and believe in the product you will come off in a confident and interesting manner. Lead generation is not always easy for the beginner and can become difficult for the MLM pro. Be patient, stick with it and don't give up.

Lead Types

It is also helpful if the lead company offers several types of leads. Look for a lead list including area code leads, local leads, Canadian leads, email auto responder leads, and telephone interviewed leads. You want to be sure that your leads will be receptive to your calls and the ability to choose a lead type is helpful. Whatever lead you are most comfortable in contacting will make your conversation flow smoothly and end in the best possible results.

How Are The Leads Generated

When a company takes the time to list where there leads come from it can also be helpful in finding a quality MLM lead. Leads can be generated by lead producing websites, company solo emails, and newsletters, advertising networks, radio advertising and more. The larger the list the more leads available to you. Quantity does not always mean quality, but it does allow you to choose and be more precise on what you are looking for.

Use these helpful hints and tips to guide you towards the quality leads that will make your business grow and succeed.
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