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Ebay Auction Software: Automated Gold Mining For Auctions On Ebay And Elsewhere Using Software

Jan 28, 2008
You may already know how to grab great bargains on eBay and other auction websites because the titles are misspelled. In fact, you may spend a great deal of time hunting around for them, one by one. You may even know of a website or two that offers you a free list of these misspelt auction listings. Do you ever wonder if you're missing out on a bunch of them, just because it's too tedious to plow through them all by hand?

How about those websites besides eBay's main auction listings? Can you also check eBay Express, half.com, uBid and Amazon all by yourself? Are there enough hours in the day to do it all? Probably not.

If this whole thing of profiting from misspelled auction listings is news to you, check it out! Imagine winning an auction for a gold watch with a very low-ball bid because the seller typed in "gold wach" in the title and practically nobody else bid on it. The same goes for "camras", "jewlry", "iphne" and literally thousands of other spelling errors that can mean big savings for you!

Even if you're not a greedy, rapacious marketer looking to snap up every bargain you find and resell it for a handsome profit, you can still get great use from software that looks at the kind of item you want being auctioned right now on eBay or some other website. Think about how much you can save by getting exactly what you want at a fraction of the price you'd pay if bidding warriors can't find it, too!

Thankfully, there are skilled programmers and marketers out there who know this and want to help. The very idea that a hot item you may want to buy at auction is languishing out there, unread and unloved made these folks fashion software that can do more than just hunt down misspellings. Some of them actually spell out the strategies, tips, tactics and methods for maximizing your efforts.

Now that the Internet itself has become what computer geeks call a "Platform" - software, hardware, users, tech support and performance - it's possible for you to automate the process of scouring the Web for these sweet auction deals from those with poor spelling skills. Even better, with the right program, you can move outside of eBay and data-mine some of the other top websites for deals on everything from Apple to Zero Halliburton.

Here's how to benefit from this platform: stay a step ahead of the crowd! Even though misspellings in auction listings are an "open secret" among people who buy and sell online, very few make it a practice to hunt beyond eBay. If you're one of the few who does in a systematic way, you'll be way ahead of the pack. They'll be panting behind you, trying to "mine" deeper into the main auction listings on eBay, with or without the help of software. Even more importantly, with the right program, you'll have a definite edge scouring eBay with cool automated features that enhance your searches and save you time.
About the Author
Michael Morris is a clever fellow who just happens to offer the automated ebay auction software you need to snap up those misspelled auction items you crave. Want to grab a copy of it for free? Jump on over to www.auctionbargainfinder.com RIGHT NOW and get yourself a bunch of free bonuses, too! Do it quickly, before he comes to his senses and starts charging for it!
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