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Social Media And Full Court Marketing

Jan 29, 2008
It would seem that the marketing potential of social media sites is a fairly open book. I came across a social networking site called Talent Database that seems to exist for the benefit of freelancers or business owners.

The site directs new members to fine-tune their particular talent (skill) and then allow the category they select to help bring prospective fans and customers to you when they need your particular skills.

The networking side of this social media site is geared toward recruitment of your own mini-network. In essence by inviting other people with similar skills to join the site you can cross promote the talents of members you know.

Unlike many similar sites you are not asked to post general thoughts or feelings, but instead are asked to provide a testimonial as to the abilities of the member. This may seem like a mutual admiration society in the making, but when one member succeeds there are still numerous links to other members who may have similar skills.

A specific site-based algorithm helps determine your site popularity. Interestingly this is determined not simply by the number of site visitations, but also by the numbers of testimonials and those who have bookmarked your page.

This site also encourages links to any other sites you may have. In many ways it is a clearinghouse for information related to dozens of skills. In turn this information is used to allow targeted marketing while also allowing peer-to-peer networking.

The website likens itself to something more in line with global yellow pages. This is a fair comparison with the added bonus of quick connection, samples of existing work and other portfolio perusal options.

In more creative endeavors there are fee-based sites that are used by individuals to get their name out to the public for the purpose of being hired to do work. In the case of Talent Database listings are free and the customer contacts you directly without a broker who may retain some of your potential earnings.

While I have absolutely no stake in this website I can see a dynamic that shifts the need for other fee-based sites to a model similar to this one that allows a much more diverse cross-section of talent to participate without a middleman.

With the algorithm in place it is the best performing members who will be ranked highest while giving everyone the opportunity to improve or maintain a high degree of growth.

Where many social media sites allow you to connect with people with similar interests this site allows you to produce a web presence that is intended to welcome those interested in what you can do.

If you are looking for an illustrator or a voice over artist you can simply type the term in the search engine and find what you are looking for. Then you can look at portfolios until you find someone that seems most closely aligned with your need.

Yes, social media is an important platform for marketing and more than one company is working to make marketing a key component in the design of their networking site.
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