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Generate Word Of Mouth Advertising By A Focused Campaign

Jan 29, 2008
A very common mistakes young business men make when jumping into their chosen fields is making an assumption that word of mouth advertising will automatically happen by chance. Be assured, it does not. While providing great customer service, competitive prices, and excellent products will give people something to talk about, it only takes 1 dissatisfied customer to equal one hundred satisfied ones. Word of mouth works two ways, after all, and angry people talk a lot louder than those who had a pleasant experience. If you want the word of mouth advertising that will bring in the business, you'll need to generate it yourself. In this article, we'll take a look at some of the ways to get people talking (in a good way) about your company.

As it was stated, it is a lot easier to get a dissatisfied shopper to tell the world about his experience tan it is to get one happy shopper to tell just one person. This is a human characteristic found in our poulation as a whole, and is a barrier that most every business must conquer. People like to tell bad news and they somehow believe they are doing justice to warn others to stay away from what they believe to be bad business. This also makes the customer feel like he is in control. It is a sad fact that just one angry shopper can undo the benevolence collected by hundreds of satisfied customers. In order to defeat this rule, you have to go all out to make sure those with good experiences will tell others about your business.

One of the easiest ways to generate positive word of mouth advertising is to enlist the help of those close to you. Get them to tell their freinds and coworkers about your business. They can do so with full disclosure, or they can act as though they were just customers. Either way can create goodwill throughout the community. If they opt for the full disclosure method (which may be necessary with their closest friends), the people they tell will naturally want to use your business as they will be helping out people they know. If they don't tell people they know you, then they come across simply as happy customers compelled to get the word out.

Since the first days of business, when word of mouth advertising was all there was, nothing has done more for companies than to have people saying good things about them. People believe word of mouth advertising in a way they will never believe paid ads. Even if this word of mouth advertising has to be generated by you in the beginning, it can turn friends, neighbors, coworkers, and their network of acquiantances into new customers. From there, it should be smooth sailing for you and your small business. Just make certain that once you have the customers, you don't dissapoint. After all, that one angry customer. . .she makes all the difference.
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