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List Building And The Online Quiz Strategy

Jan 29, 2008
Do you want to know what your name would be in elvish? Do you want to take a personality test online? Are you interested in downloading a podcast? Are there certain games you'd like to be able to play on the Internet?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then you have likely been a statistic on an online business owner's list building strategies.

If you are a business owner then you could learn from these sites. In each circumstance these websites have provided something either entertaining or informative to bring traffic to their site. They increase their lists by making sure the individual can only access the entertainment or education if they sign up to become a free member of the site.

In some cases these fun sites are recommended by users on forums and in emails. This further improves the potential of list building.

A common practice among the more successful 'fun' sites is to have that site completely separate from the primary site with list building efforts originating from the 'fun' site. In other words you use the fun site to market your business site. You can and should have links the cross-promote each site for maximum exposure.

Many times blog writers will find the fun sites and recommend them to their readers. Never underestimate the value of entertainment in marketing.

There are resources available to help you develop a humorous multi question quiz that can be designed to help visitors see how they may be viewed based on a purely amusing set of questions. These can be used for such diverse reasons as determining if an individual is a potential rock star, tennis player, writer or professional bowler. The emphasis of your quiz is limited only by your imagination.

The end result may be that the individual would gladly trade their contact information for the chance to take your quiz, try your game or download your information. Most online users count this a small payment for the privilege of being able to participate in something fun.

When you can get creative in marketing you may be able to dramatically improve your ability to build a list that finds the common ground that exists between your business and your potential customer.

I mentioned bowling earlier in this article. It could be that you sell bowling accessories and you want as many leads as possible. Could it hurt to develop a fun quiz that tries to help visitors to determine if they are addicted to bowling? As a premium for taking the fun and/or funny quiz (after sign up of course) you could provide a discount code for use on their first online order. This not only aids in list building, but also gives you the opportunity to gain an immediate return on your investment.

It can become easy to think of online marketing only in terms of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) or Pay Per Click (PPC) strategies. However, the truth is there are many creative ways to draw visitors to your site and encourage them to come back and spend some money.
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