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NLP Training In New York Who's The Best Trainer?

Jan 29, 2008
NLP Training New York

Bring meaning to your life or career. Well that's what the trainers say in New York!

If you look at the number of results in the search engines for NLP Training New York, you may get around 350,000 different companies or results. As an NLP Trainer myself I must admit I wouldn't train with all of them. However there are a few who I potentially would including Shawn Carson & Sarah Carson. As far a I have heard and seen from other trainers they are one of the finest in Newyork. They are highly qualified NLP trainers and Hypnotherapists, who tailor their training and personal change, coaching to suit your own personal development plan.

It is said that, "NLP training courses can enhance all aspects of your life, helping you to achieve your full potential". This is put on many websites, although in different words, in my view Shawn and Sarah I must say fit the bill.

What Courses Do They Offer:

At NLP Training New York they have a full range of training seminars including:

* NLP Practitioner Training New York
* NLP Master Practitioner Training New York
* Hypnosis Training New York
* NLP Business Training New York

With Shawn and Sarah why not take the first step towards achieving your dreams in business or for personal development.
review some of their or other trainers courses below:

Business Coaching

* corporate & Executive Coaching
* Business Coaching for small business owner
* Team Coaching in the workplace
* GAP Coaching ( let us help you fill the gap)
* Performance Improvement (Remedial) Coaching
* Sales Coaching for Professionals

Other NLP companies life erickonian.com Doug Obrian offer similar NLP Training courses, or even www.nlptraining.com I have done a small training with Doug and I like his style.

What is usually covered on the NLP Practitioner courses Sometimes but not always:

On a Introduction to NLP you may start learning processes for personal or life coaching.

It may be over a weekend or on an intensive 7/8 day structure.

* For coaches, managers this may be your first experience of NLP so we go at a pace that suits your own learning style
* Learn how different NLP models use belief systems and values to influence your staff, so they perform at their best
* Learn and understand why Clients have their own unique experience of reality/ world or know as map in NLP.
* Discover non verbal influencing skills such as deep rapport and sensory acuity techniques
* Experience for yourself NLP tools for generating powerful change in yourself and your clients

In Europe UK some other companies I would recommend are:

WWW.nlpscotland.com specialise in business coaching and personal coaching

www.dyslxiatreatment.com who specialise in the education market

www.hypnosis-scotland.co.uk Who does work not just in NLP but advanced Ericksonian work. they have people coming from all over the world to train with them.

So my advice is shop around don't just take the first company that you look at although it may find its the best one?

I hope this article has been useful so you can look for yourself at different styles of trainers and companies not just in New York, but the UK and Scotland too.
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Jeff Is an expert copywriter a certified International Trainer of NLP * NLP Trainer In New York * NLP Practitioner In New York * NLP Master Practitioner * NLP Business Coach & Trainer
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