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Telemarketing and Philippine Call Centers

Jan 29, 2008
More and more Filipinos are going to other countries to look for work and earn for themselves and for their families. It is estimated that around eight million Filipinos are abroad. However, due to the increasing popularity of outsourcing and the Call Center industry in the Philippines, more young professionals are choosing to work in the Philippines and be with their loved ones. One of the tasks that Filipino call centers do is telemarketing. In fact, when the call center industry was starting out in the Philippines, most of the call centers then were engaged in telemarketing.
The primary task of telemarketing is to promote a product or a new promo through the phone to prospective buyers of the product or service. In some instances, telemarketing also involves web conferencing if the customer agrees to do so. In some instances, telemarketing is done through the music or voice over being played while a person is waiting for a phone operator to become available.

Generally speaking, telemarketing can either be directed to businesses or to consumers. In any given call center, there are different purposes why an agent would call a prospective customer. One of these is lead generation, which is simply another term for gathering information that will be relevant to the company and to the product or service being sold. This is a tricky task, however, since there are customers who are very much concerned with their privacy. Nonetheless, Philippine call centers have taken pains to study the privacy regulations and precautions of the countries that they provide service to.

Another aspect of telemarketing that Philippine call centers engage in is sales. Filipino call center agents are chosen from a pool of qualified applicants, a lot of them are newly graduates from universities and colleges all over the Philippines who are eager to start on their career paths. When they have undergone the accent and the training and the call center training, they are also trained in the process of closing sales that are legitimate and that will truly answer the needs of customers.

Some of the calls made by Filipino call center agents are outbound. They call prospective customers who have already indicated some interest in certain products and services and they call to follow up on those interests. On top of that, there are also inbound telemarketing sales. Usually, inbound calls are received in response to some advertisement or marketing campaigns launched by the company. These campaigns usually take the form of take-one brochures at public stations or brochures handed out by marketing agents. Inbound calls tend to be easier to handle because most customers are decidedly interested in purchasing the product or service being offered by the company.

Since the boom of the call center industry in the Philippines, a number of companies and organizations worldwide have contacted the services of Philippine call centers for their telemarketing needs. The Philippines has already captured 20% of the call center market in the world and it is expected to grow in the next few years because of the preference being given to the Philippines by companies outsourcing their telemarketing needs
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