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New Years Resolutions for the Affiliate Marketer

Jan 29, 2008
So its the beginning of 2008 and you are a newbie affiliate marketer. What resolutions should you make to ensure your success in the year ahead? Here are some suggestions.

Create an action plan.
Most affiliates work alone and can easily get side-tracked if they do not have systems in place to keep them on track. Make a master plan setting out your goals and the actions required to reach those goals, on a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis.

Spend most of your time creating income streams.
When planning, divide your activities into those that generate revenue and those that do not generate revenue. For example, writing sales copy and setting up an adwords campaign can directly make you money: surfing the net and participating in forums will not. Devote the most time to activities that make money.

Throroghly research your niches.
In your plan, allocate time to research your niche thoroughly. You need to be an expert on your product and its benefits to the consumer. If you know the subject properly, then you will come across as convincing in your campaigns.

Get to know and understand your customers
Understanding the needs of your customers is crucial to the success of your business. Spend time in forums listening to what they have to say. Your challenge as an affiliate is to identify their problems correctly and pre-sell the solution in such a way that they move on to your merchant's website in a buying mood.

Commit yourself to building a good-looking professional website.
Make 2008 the year when you take the plunge and make your own website. This is an indispensible part of your affiliate marketing business. Having your own website will enable you to stand out from the crowd and establish your online personality and presence.

Remember that content is king.
When you have your website, fill it with useful, interesting and relevant content. Don't forget that most people go online to find information and not to buy anything. By providing good content you establish yourself as a credible expert and this makes you a more trustworthy endorser of the products you promote.

Build a list.
When you have your own website then you must subscribe to an auto responder and start building a list of prospects. If you do not do this, then you are missing out on the chance to grow your own business and make real money.

Keeping going, even if your campaign does not work.
Some of your campaigns will fail but do not let this get you down. It happens to everyone at some point. Just try to work out what, if anything, went wrong and learn from the experience. The worst possible thing you could do is to give up.

Resist the temptation to keep buying eBooks.
New eBooks and programs claiming to be the next big thing online are launched every day and it's really tempting to buy into them, especially if you are going through a slow phase in your business. As an affiliate you can certainly benefit from belonging to an ongoing affiliate education program but, once you have found one you like, just stick to that and don't waste time or money on over-hyped new products.
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