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Tips For Writing Successful Articles

Jan 29, 2008
Writing articles is an important aspect of promoting your website, authoring a blog or even if you want to become a professional writer.

Remember that "Content is King". The better way you organize your ideas, the more publicity you get. Two basic points to be kept in mind while writing an article are:-

1. Keep the language as simple as possible You want your writing to reach the largest possible number of readers, so you want to write it in the simplest language you can while still getting your points across. Writers for magazines and newspapers often write to a fourth grade reading level.

In other words, they use language that a fourth grade reader would be able to understand.

That's not to say they can't write at a higher level, just that they don't want to limit their readers by their reading skills. There are obviously some cases where you'll need to write at a more advanced level - a technical article or political commentary for example. Only do this when necessary, however.

(2) Represent your ideas in an interesting manner Your ideas should be represented in such a way that they are useful to the audience. The better you frame your ideas, more readers will be attracted towards your article. Organize your ideas in such a manner that it entertains the readers. Make sure that don't write whole descriptive stuff so that the readers feel bored. Most of the articles written for the internet or for magazines are in classic style known as "five paragraph essay", which is an ideal format for writing articles in brief. If this style is followed then you can express your ideas in a very beautiful way with the good and interesting start and end.

Step-by-Step Guide to the Five Paragraph Essay

1. First paragraph - An introduction to the topic of your articles and any related ideas in it.

2. Second, third and fourth paragraphs - Expand on the introduction and support your ideas, giving more detailed information about the topic of the article.

3. Fifth paragraph - Conclusion, including a summary of the points in the article.

If you can use the 5 paragraph essay format effectively, you can write for the internet or magazines. Use the simplest language you can, organize your ideas effectively and you'll be a successful writer before you know it!
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