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Seven Tips to Succeed in Affiliate Marketing

Jan 29, 2008
So you have decided to be an affiliate marketer? You will know that affiliate marketing is a business in which the affiliate earns commission by driving customers to the website of a vendor.

You may have been attracted to affiliate marketing because you can make a start with very little investment and can work from the comfort and convenience of home. You may also have been attracted by the simplicity of the concept.

Anyone can be a successful and wealthy affiliate if they just go about it in the right way. But many affiliates fail. Here are seven tips to make sure that you are an affiliate marketing success.

1. Take action.
This sounds obvious but you would be amazed at how many affiliate marketers fail simply because they don't take action. In this game it is all to easy to be distracted and to kid yourself you are taking action when in fact you aren't. Taking action is writing articles or setting up an adwords campaign or posting to your blog. Not taking action is unfocused surfing, checking stats and emails, and aimlessly browsing forums.

2. Know where you are going.
Make a master plan of what you want to achieve and how you are going to get there. Set daily, weekly, monthly and yearly targets. List the actions you will take to achieve those targets and make sure you carry them out. Success in this business depends on self-discipline.

3. Treat failure as an opportunity to learn.
Some campaigns and techniques you try out will fail. When this happens many aspiring affiliates just give up. Don't be one of them. Try to understand why your campaign did not get the results you expected. Pick yourself up and carry on. You will be wiser and, provided you keep working towards your goal, you will succeed.

4. Be patient.
Like any other business, affiliate marketing takes time to grow. Don't expect to earn big bucks immediately. Some affiliates give up because they are not seeing results as quickly as they had hoped. Just keep taking action on your master plan and increasing your presence and visibility on the internet. Success will come.

5. Build a list.
Putting a lot of effort into selling other people's products without collecting a list of prospects on your own account is complete 'no-brainer'. To be a success you must build a list of people you can send emails to about any new products likely to interest them. This is vital.

6. Understand your customer.
Time spent in getting to understand your customer and their needs will repay you many times over. You will only succeed as an affiliate if you correctly identify your customer's problem and suggest a solution in such a way that they immediately want to click onto your merchant's website. You can learn about your customers by spending time in the forums that they use.

7. Stay updated.
The environment in which affiliate marketers work is constantly evolving and because you are working alone you must have a way of staying updated. At the same time, you don't want to fall into the trap of endlessly buying into the latest "get-rich-quick" schemes. This will just fill up your hard disk with useless eBooks.The best plan is to join a community of like-minded people who share your goals and with whom you can exchange information about new challenges and opportunities.
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