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Business Opportunity Leads-Why More People Are Using This System to Create Them

Jan 29, 2008
Leads, leads, leads! Can you imagine never having to choose between real-time leads and phone verified leads ever again? Can you imagine getting your advertising costs covered? Can you wrap your brain around the idea of having prospects paying you to prospect them?

This is not some wishful ideology or crazy thinking. This is the reality of those who choose to use funded proposals in their business.

When you buy leads from a lead vendor, you don't know how their leads are created. Are they incentivized? In other words, were they offered a bribe to fill out a form to get more info on working from home?

Take into consideration that you are paying on average $2-$5 bucks per lead and you don't even know how they were even created. Some of the lead capture pages these lead vendors use are so generic and a bit misleading that it attracts job seekers as well as those interested in a home business.

Haven't you wondered why you get a lot of job seekers when you call your leads? It's not some sick twist of fate. More often than not, your lead provider is pulling in these kinds of people from their advertising and you're paying for it.

If you are building your business buying leads, you may find it difficult to stay afloat in your business. Unless you quickly get good at prospecting from leads, you will outspend what profits you do manage to bring in.

This is why more and more people are using funded proposals in their business. It can help you not only fund your marketing expenses, but it also creates leads for your primary opportunity. These will become your exclusive leads.

A funded proposal consists of generic training materials (marketing tools, training, and systems) that your prospects want. These informational training products will bring you the retail profits you need to fund your advertising.

Once someone has bought from you, you are more than likely to buy from you again and even join you in your business if they're looking for an opportunity.

If you are sick of spending money on leads and not seeing a return, you may want to look into adding a funded proposal system into your business so you can at least make a retail profit upfront to fund your business.

You have nothing to lose and will attract more people to you by leading with a system rather than chasing people with an mlm application in hand.
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