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7 Keys To Running A Successful Work At Home Business

Aug 17, 2007
Almost 89 percent of home businesses fail within the first month. That number is staggering and should also be an eye opener to you if you are planning on starting a work at home business. If you are just started your home based business then you specially need to be careful.

What are the keys to a successful home based business, you ask? Here they are.

1) Focus On One Thing At A Time

This is perhaps the most important key. Many home based businesses fail because the owners start too many things at the same time and thus spread themselves to thin. They believe that in order to make money, you need to do many things and run many websites at the same time. They think that having more websites give them the edge over others. When you are a beginner, your main focus should be to take on just ONE thing at a time. Stick to one website and concentrate on making it a success. Pull all your effort on this single website and make it work for you.

Once you begin to see a profit, you might consider expanding. But until you do profit, keep your focus on it.

2) Organize Yourself

Your business is an extension of yourself. If you are not organized your business will also be the same. Make it a point to organize your business or work so that you are well in control of it. You need to keep your personal life separate from your business in order to truly be able to gauge success. Start by simply separating your personal files from your business files. A little organization will help you greatly.

3) Keep Notes

When you start out with your home based business you begin to learn new things. And as you learn you will take that knowledge for granted unless you take notes and write it down. It might be notes on how to do a simple task. But if you don't write it down, somewhere down the line in a few months you might forget how to do it. And that might cost you. If you learn something new, write it down. If you did something new, write it down. A useful guide to writing things down is to pretend that you are writing it down for someone else who has no knowledge about it. If you can write down notes so that this person can pick up your notes and accomplish the task, then you've done good. Remember that this "other person" could be YOU in a few months down the line. So the more you write, the easier it will be for you.

4) Keep Accounts

A home based business is a business. So treat it like one by keeping separate accounts for it. At the least, write down the things that you spend on. At the start, the spending tends to increase almost out of control. If you do not keep track of how much you spent and where you spent it at, you will find yourself in the red pretty fast. Keep a tight hold of your accounts and make sure you know it before you get "in the hole".

5) Be Regimented

Set yourself a set of rules that apply to your business and stick to it. If you told yourself that you will dedicate 2 hours a day to your work at home business, then make sure you do it daily. If you miss one day, make up for it the next. Don't let lethargy creep into your daily routine. Make sure you go through the paces and accomplish something each day. If you can end your day with a successfully accomplishment, it makes it easier to start the next. Be regimented and follow your plans.

6) Experiment

Don't be afraid to try new things. Working at home is a new thing by itself. As you learn and build your business you will find out new ways of doing things that can save you time and money. But don't try too many things at the same time. Remember to pick one aspect of your business and experiment with it. Make sure you can measure success or failure of your experiments and experiment only if you can clearly measure it. Don't experiment with critical aspects of your business unless you can clearly measure the change. For example, don't experiment with a new hosting provider unless you already have statistics for your current hosting provider and can compare it with the new one.

7) Don't Neglect The Basics

Finally, what holds true to life, holds true to your home based business as well. Don't neglect the basics. The basics are the building blocks of your business. Aspects like, collecting payment, shipping an item, following up with the orders or simply taking the time to reply emails are basics that don't change too often. The way you do it might change but the task itself will not. So don't neglect these basic tasks, for if left unattended, they can be cause of your downfall.

Running a successful home based business is not hard if you follow these 7 keys to success. Remember that your business is only a strong as its weakest link. I've shown you 7 such links. It's up to you to ensure they hold fast.
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