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Network Marketing-How to Get on the Path to Success

Jan 29, 2008
It stung me like a bee. I was waiting for something profound. This network marketing icon always had a "Joe Schroeder-ism" up his sleeve. I wasn't expecting this from him: "Until you are ready to do what it takes to get success, it will always be one step ahead of you."

I've heard similar cliches like this so many times before; I'm sure you've heard them too. But there was something different in the way He said it. Sometimes hearing something worded from a different angle, or hearing it from a different person makes all the difference in the world, whether you "get it" or not.

And Joe Schroeder just isn't any some pretend network marketing "guru." This guy has been in network marketing over a decade. He has built two million dollar downlines in two different companies; so when Joe Schroeder says something, you better listen and take heed.

That's why it's good to learn from many different people-but only those who are worth listening to. You could study for years with the same teacher and still not completely understand everything that is being taught. But it's that different voice that puts a new twist on an old paradigm which can make all the difference in the world.

The next obvious question is how do you get yourself ready for success? It all starts in the mind. It's more than just positive thinking and affirmations. If that's all it took, then we would all be multi billionaires-wouldn't we?

You see, success is a decision you make. It means you stop making excuses as to why something can't be done. You stop making excuses as to why you can't do enough. And most importantly, you have to be ready to do the things successful people do.

A lot of people talk the talk, but don't necessarily walk the walk. When you say you're going to do something, do it. There's only one thing worse than losing your credibility-and that's losing credibility with yourself.

You can become your own worst enemy by the actions you decide to do or not do. That is the deciding factor that tells you if you are ready for success. Your actions must be congruent with those of a successful person.

If you truly want to get on the successful path in your network marketing business, you must get yourself ready for it. Go and get the proper mindset training and learn how to market. You also must be ready and willing to do whatever it takes to get success-ethically of course.

If you're not willing to commit to your own success, you may as well get out of business now and stop wasting your precious time and money. It's your decision and you must decide. Just don't let another unsuccessful year pass you by in your network marketing business.
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