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There is a Better way to Advertise !

Jan 29, 2008
If you need to sell something, then you need customers.
And getting customers isnt always easy. In real life, it might be easier, because they are walking into your store or because they saw it driving by, or walking by if its in the mall. But if you want massive traffic you need to advertise. Like McDonalds, the food is nasty, -just my opinion- but people still go there way to often. That is the power of advertising.

That brings us to the internet, oohh how its changed. I've been asked many times how to get more traffic, I say to advertise more, or simply buy hits to your website. The later works for traffic, but they are not prospects. Consider this, much of that paid traffic is someone who gets redirected to your site from an abandoned URL. Thats like you walking into Star Bucks for a $5.00 coffee and then, BLAHM you end up in Big O Tires with some guy trying to sell you a set of BFG's for $1000. This happens everyday and millions of times on the internet.

Why am I telling you this, because if you have an online business and want to sell your product, no matter how superior it is, you need Quality traffic. Therefore do not waste money on buying stale leads, or getting caught up in the wrong advertising. I will show you a way of getting 100% FREE traffic for any business. Thats right, unlimited quality, targeted traffic. Think I'm crazy, I'm not, just a little, maybe. But the point is, that this works for all home business' or even better, online businesses. So, are you asking me how yet? I can't tell just yet.

The internet is full of losers, kinda like Vegas. And well these losers are trying to play with the big boys who earn $100,000 a month selling whatever. And taking the losers money. Look on EBay, there are so many people who spend more than they make buying stuff they dont need. I just sold an empty 26oz liqueur bottle last week for $5.00 plus $12.75 shipping. I spent $23.45 to buy it full of booze. True story! Don't be like them, save your money for real investment opportunities. Remember, anything worth having takes effort, so beware of the $100,000 a month AUTO, make money mumbo jumbo you see online.

There are real business opportunities online, but none of them pay these absurd incomes. Some will make you $18,000 - $30,000. For real, but it is a full time job. That might scare you away, but think about it.
How many of us work full time, and get nothing like that for a wage. Maybe you should try one out. It has worked miracles for my online business, and I'm sure it will do wonders for yours.
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Rick Lim is a father of 2 and has a beautiful wife.
Enjoys walking on beaches and playing sports.
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